Red lips are a top trend for fall makeup.

The bright colors of summer makeup are now moving to the chic shades of … purple!

Purple is the hottest makeup trend this fall, by far. Aside from purple, the runways have been filled with the looks of smokey eyes, red lips, thick brows and the look of a natural face.

Just like clothing, the stylists are saying go bold. Just don’t overdo it. If the eyes are over-dramatized, keep the lips natural. Or make those lips pop with bright red lipstick, but then keep the rest of the face modest.

Here are five trends to snag for an up-to-date fall pretty face.

1 Purple

Blogs, magazines, runways and stylists are raving about purple being the biggest color trend of the season. Purple is so big for fall, it even gets its own category. Shades from eggplant to plum to lilac are in vogue with eyeshadow, nail polish and even lipstick. If the bold color scares you off, go for a lighter or a shimmery shade.

2 Strong brows

We aren’t talking bushy brows that take over a third of the face. Nor are we talking ultra-thin eyebrows that exist only via pencil. Thick black and brown eyebrows are trending in fashion magazines and all over the runways for fall. The thicker, darker lines will contrast and compliment dark eyeshadow. Now grow those bad boys out!

3 Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes have been on the scene for a while and they are here to stay for fall. The dramatic look can be worn great with purple eyeshadow. With this look, however, keep the lips nude to sway from an extreme overpowering look. And avoid the raccoon eyes. That look is just ridiculous.

4 Red lips

This classic trend will undoubtedly remain timeless. From Cleopatra’s method of wearing the red tint extracted from crushed carmine beetles to Marilyn Monroe’s luscious red lips to Scarlett Johansson’s bright mouth — red lipstick has always made pretty pouts. Let your inner vixen out and grab a tube of red.

5 Au natural

For those who hate makeup — or are just lazy — the barely there makeup look is a hot trend for fall. Maybe throw on a little mascara, some nude gloss and a little blush and you are good to go. However, make sure to keep that skin flawless with a good facewash. And, as always, wear a moisturizing lotion with sunscreen to avoid the aging affects of the sun.

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