I waited six months to attend the University of Colorado after getting accepted, and finally I have arrived at college and completed my first month.

It’s hard to put in to words how exciting and refreshing these first few weeks have been for me. After living in the same place for six years, and being the kind of guy who likes to move around, I was in need of some change.

Boulder has brought just that and so much more.

Never have I lived on the foothills of massive mountains. Never have I gotten to live within a couple feet of some of my best friends. Never have I been forced to be completely independent. I haven’t had to deal with all these new experiences since freshman year of high school four years ago.

It feels so great to be in a place that I love because it means I made the right decision. I had many options after getting accepted to nine schools all over the country, and making my final decision took a lot of thinking. I was constantly worried that I would make the wrong decision, which happened when I chose my high school, and had to make a change midway through.

Eventually I went with my gut and picked the place that felt like home when I was on campus: Boulder, Colo.

When I got here, things just seemed to go very smoothly. I loved all the people on my floor and was enjoying the amazing campus that I now called home. There were many times — there still are — where I’m walking across Farrand Field staring at the picturesque Flatirons and can’t believe I finally made it.

Every day brings long laughs, memorable moments and new friends. CU is huge, and once a day, I feel like I’m introducing myself to someone new while still retaining the many friends I have already made.

After dealing with thick crowds walking back from class and long lines in the Center for Community dining hall, it’s hard to imagine even going to a smaller school. The thing is I wouldn’t trade the big school atmosphere for anything. The amount of people means everyone can find their group, and on a beautiful Boulder day it shows. Everywhere you look are pockets of people laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s just great to be around such a positive vibe.

Then there’s the weather. I visited Colorado three times and was well aware of the sun’s power. However, living in it every day is a whole different ball game.

It is always sunny here. Every day I can depend on walking out of Farrand and seeing the bright shiny sun staring right at me.

It has rained twice, and then instantly after the storm, the sun returns. I anxiously wait for the winter when the campus gets covered in a blanket of snow. That, I am sure, is a sight to see.

One thing that really sold me on going to school here was the Hill. The place was unlike anything I had seen after doing a countless amount of campus tours.

It’s simply the best collection of restaurants you could ever imagine. What’s nice is very few of them are chains, so I was instantly introduced to 20-plus new restaurants to try. With such a great selection you are guaranteed to find something that you are in the mood for. With the Hill being so close, it’s always worth it to walk up there and get some food if you are craving a certain something.

So college has started and classes are in session. I am happily living in Boulder, Colo., and grateful that I made the right decision. If this month is a preview for the next four years, then I like what I’m seeing.

CU freshman Alex Lasky’s “Joining the Herd” runs every Tuesday in the Colorado Daily.

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