I am a 20-year-old sophomore geology major that has been going to the University of Colorado for one full year now.

Last summer, while living on the corner of 11th Street and College Avenue, I was apprehended by the Boulder Police Department for unreasonable noise and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

I was taken in because I was yelling insults, homosexual slurs and throwing rocks at the Sigma Pi Fraternity that was across the street from me. It was so loud that the Boulder police received a complaint from a neighbor at 3 in the morning.

I made a terrible mistake that night and I take full responsibility for my very immature actions. I am embarrassed for what I have done and there is no excuse for it. I recognize that I was being extremely prejudiced towards the homosexual community of Boulder and feel terrible that I have done so.

I made it nearly impossible for anyone to sleep and I caused a major disturbance in my neighborhood. I also diverted many police officers to my location, which took much of their valuable time that can be spent helping to protect and serve our community.

By bringing half of the police force on duty that night, I recognize how important it is for these officers to be dealing with more serious incidents throughout the city. By diverting, them I endangered many people in Boulder that were dealing with true public safety emergencies.

Underage binge drinking is a major issue on the Hill, and I for one have delved deeper into my own drinking issues. The amount of alcohol consumed by CU students on the Hill is very dangerous, not only for the ones drinking, but the people who live in the community around us.

I personally took part in the Live Free Weekend, which was a 96-hour sobriety challenge between that ran last Thursday through Monday, and look forward to many more sober days in the future.

Anthony Seibert

CU student

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