Air Dubai plays the Gothic Theatre on Friday.

Air Dubai’s come a long way from winning the University of Colorado’s 2009 Battle of the Bands.

The title’s already earned the local group an opening slot at CU’s Chiddy Bang concert on Farrand Field. Now the band’s ready to release its first full-length CD, Wonder Age.

If you go

Who: Air Dubai and The Heyday CD release parties

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Gothic Theatre, 3263 S. Broadway, Englewood

Cost: $10

Friday, Air Dubai and The Heyday share a CD release party at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood. Both acts are hoping that local fans will support the event.

Nick Spreigl is Air Dubai’s drummer, and he was anxious to talk about his group’s new record and the CD release party.

Q: How did Air Dubai get started?

A: The group started out with our two rappers, Julian (Thomas) and Jon (Shockness). I met them, and we all said we should start something together.

I brought all the instrumentalists into the band — they were mostly my friends. We never discussed what we wanted the sound to be, but the bands we all looked up to and listened to were diverse.

That’s what we wanted to do.

Q: What makes Air Dubai a unique-sounding band?

A: We definitely have hip-hop roots, but there’s a lot of indie and R&B flow to it.

There’s all these layers to our music, and we have this hip-hop, indie and pop mix. That genre alone sets us apart. You don’t see a lot of hip-hop bands in Colorado doing what we do.

We have seven really talented people, and we have instrumentation that includes, drums, bass, a lead guitar, keys, trumpet a singer — and a rapper.

We don’t put any boundaries on ourselves. We just go where the music needs to go.

Q: Air Dubai’s been getting a lot of exposure. What have been the band’s best gigs?

A: We got to open CU’s WelcomeFest for Chiddy Bang, and we’ve played with the Flobots a few times.

We’re branching out slowly. We’ve also opened for The Game at the Ogden and for Rakim in Aspen.

We might seem like we’re carefree, but we’re really driven as a band. We know where we want to go and what we want to do.

Q: The band’s releasing a new CD. What’s the game plan?

A: We’re always trying to put CDs, merchandise and videos together.

We’re releasing our first full-length CD on Oct. 5. We’ve been a band long enough and we feel very fortunate that people like our music so much. We wanted them to have something they could take home with them from the shows.

Andy (Guerrero) is the Flobots’ guitarist and he produced our album. He told us to take a few months and release a full-length album, and he helped us put it together.

This album is like nothing you’ve heard before. It will make people happy and smile. It can only encourage people to support local music.

Q: What’s planned for the CD release show?

A: It’s going to be a dual CD release party with The Heyday. It will be good to see these two bands release their CDs.

We’ll be playing all the stuff from the album — and there are lots of surprises planned for the show.

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