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One thing became very clear after I visited Colorado for the first time: They love bicycling here.

In fact, the more time I spent on the tour, the more surprised I got. At every building there were several bike racks all filled to capacity with the two-wheeled vehicles. It was madness!

Also, while walking around, you saw people flying by you seemingly going a hundred miles an hour! It was hard to imagine being part of the insanity, but sure enough, my first day at college I went out and bought a bike.

This is a decision I never will regret. I ride my beautiful silver hybrid everywhere I go and get there 10 times faster. Whenever it’s time for class, I can just hop on my trusty vehicle and be there in a couple of minutes.

My bike also comes in handy when I want to visit a friend who lives off campus or if I’m in the mood to have a meal on the Hill. Its amazing the places you can go in so little time.

Boulder is one of the most bike friendly places I have ever been. Even off campus there are bike racks and paths that keep riders safely out of traffic. These paths run all over Boulder and are very easy to navigate. It only took me a few weeks to get the hang of them and now I’m zooming down them like a pro.

I always love passing tour groups while riding since I remember being in that exact same position and seeing a biker whiz by. The astonishment only lasts a short while once you arrive on campus as you slowly get used to the craziness of the CU paths.

Not only are you dealing with bikers, but you also have longboarders and walkers. Unfortunately during the prime class times, the paths are so dense with people its impossible to ride. The best time is around dusk, when classes have finally been let out for good. The paths are clear and you are free to roam around.

One of the greatest joys in life I have discovered is riding down from the Hill to Farrand Field. I have, believe it or not, ridden down the whole way without having to pedal once. It’s truly a great experience.

The wind is in your face, you’re weaving in and out of walkers, avoiding boarders and picking up speed as you shoot down the path like a bullet. There are very few bumps and turns, which makes for a great ride.

Another plus I discovered with riding bikes is the extra exercise you get along with strengthening your leg muscles. There’s nothing like going up one of the many hills in Boulder and feeling the burn as you push your way up the incline like Thomas the Tank Engine.

You’re pedaling as hard as you can, changing gears to make it easier and you keep telling yourself you’re going to make it. Most of the time you’re successful, but there have been a couple times where I’ve had to throw in the white towel and make the walk of shame up the hill.

Riding a bike at CU is easy, fun and is also good exercise — and it’s hard to imagine life without one at Colorado. I’m not alone as thousands of bicycles are used across campus everyday.

If you haven’t ridden down the hill that takes you past the ATLAS Building and the Visual Art Complex, then you haven’t lived. That’s just something every student should be forced to do before graduating.

Biking is a great activity and a necessary one in Boulder. I 100-percent endorse having a bike here and would advise any new student to buy one. It’s simply the perfect place to own one.

Even if you have never previously enjoyed riding, you will at CU, I promise.

CU freshman Alex Lasky’s Joining the Herd runs every Tuesday in the Colorado Daily.