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  • Starving for brains, the walking dead rampage CU s campus...


    Starving for brains, the walking dead rampage CU s campus Monday afternoon.

  • University of Colorado junior Griffin Beste stalks human players Monday...


    University of Colorado junior Griffin Beste stalks human players Monday in the game Humans vs. Zombies on campus.



Some afternoon rain couldn’t stop these zombies from quenching their thirst for human blood.

University of Colorado junior Griffin Beste spent 10 minutes stalking his human prey through the drizzle Monday before jumping out from behind a truck and making the kill.

“I got another one,” Beste said. “That’s my fourth kill today.”

Beste is one of at least 70 zombies stalking human players on the CU campus during a weeklong game of Humans versus Zombies. The popular game of “tag” pits human players — marked by armbands — against the growing army of headband-wearing zombies, who bring their prey to the undead side upon attack.

After a successful first year of games on campus, this week’s battle is the biggest yet, with 460 students registered. The game continues until 6:30 p.m. Friday.

Like all but a few players, Beste started the morning as a human. Within two hours, he was tagged by a zombie and turned to the dark side.

“I was taunting the zombies all morning, so I guess I deserved it,” Beste said.

CU freshman Alli Menscher was “ambushed” in front of her dorm as she left for class just before noon Monday.

“I’m out here looking for some humans to kill,” Menscher said. “I haven’t killed any yet but …” her voice trailed off as she took off down the sidewalk near Farrand Field in pursuit of fresh meat.


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To defend themselves, humans can tag zombies with balled-up socks — an improvised response to the university’s ban on the game’s traditional Nerf guns.

But CU freshman Laura Chren missed her chance when Menscher attacked Monday.

“Man, I’ve socked at least five zombies today already,” Chren said. “Well at least I don’t have to carry socks around anymore.”

Now, she said, she Chren plans to dedicate the rest of the week to taking out the human race.

“What’s the fun in just going about your day like normal?” Chren said. “I’m definitely going out of my way to get as many kills as I can.”

Missions will start today, both on and off campus, but some students will have an early advantage. Players were sent on scavenger hunts Monday to find vaccines and other prizes, a new feature added to the game this year.

Registration has closed for this week’s game, but more are in the works.

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