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  • At The Asylum in Denver, you ll find a building...

    At The Asylum in Denver, you ll find a building overrun by demented and deranged former patients of 'Gordon Cottingham s Hospital for the Mentally Insane.'

  • Louie Simpson, right, has a neck wound applied by Michelle...


    Louie Simpson, right, has a neck wound applied by Michelle Foreman, while Joan Dieter, far left, has her makeup put on by Morgan Rangel. The actors were preparing for their roles at the "Glenwood Manor" haunted house on Tuesday night.

  • From left, Jewlee Tedrow, Angela Wilke and Rhyannnon Sloan are...


    From left, Jewlee Tedrow, Angela Wilke and Rhyannnon Sloan are already cringing and clinging to each other as they enter the "Glenwood Manor" haunted house on Tuesday night. They are escorted by a creepy policeman, played by Riley Walker, in the background.



You know the feeling you get when you think someone’s watching you? Or when you maybe think there’s something suspicious around a corner, or behind a door? It’s that feeling of nervousness, excitement and a little bit of dread that starts in the pit of your stomach.

Well that feeling is what these people that own and operate the haunted houses in Colorado are preying on, and hoping for.

Courtney David, a University of Colorado junior, said she loves the increased adrenaline that comes with haunted houses.

“I just like the thrill and not knowing what’s next,” she said.

Here’s some info on five haunted houses around the region worth checking out.

Glenwood Manor, 3200 28th St., Boulder

Boulder’s premiere haunted house is the brainchild of Jake Reilly and his production team.

The story of the attraction centers around a family, brutally massacred. The case is still unsolved and the house, Glenwood Manor, is now just being reopened to the public.

“From the minute you buy your ticket, you’re immersed in the story,” said Reilly. “The actors are there to help the story along, but also to scare the crap out of you.”

Alison Sherburg, a junior at CU, plays one of the murdered daughters.

“It’s a unique experience,” she said. “You walk through the house and little pieces of the story come together.”

More info: Time to get through: 10-15 minutes. 40 rooms. General admission, $15.


City of the Dead, Interstate 76 and 88th Street at the Mile High Marketplace Event Center

In its second year of operation, this 15,000 square-foot haunt is a city overrun by zombies. Just like Glenwood Manor, as soon as you enter, you’re already in the story. But here, instead of being an outsider, you’re a part of the story, as you get judged merely for being human and sentenced, to the city of the dead.

“You’re weaved in and out of different shops and themes,” says partial owner Lindsey Smith, “and there are zombies everywhere.”

Smith says it’s hard for a patron to gauge when they’re going to get scared. They’ll see another group get hit, and expect it in the same place, but will be totally caught off guard.

One unique thing about this haunt is they’ve incorporated smells. For instance, when you’re brought through the donut shop, it smells sweet. And the fish shop smells, “just really gross,” according to Smith.

More info: Time to get through: 20-25 minutes. 50 actors. General admission, $16.


The Asylum, 11425 Community Center Drive, Northglenn

13th Floor, 4120 Brighton Blvd., Unit C2, Denver

Owned together by Chris Stafford and Warren Conard, this duo of scares have won some decent awards in the world of “haunts.”

At The Asylum, you’ll find a building overrun by demented and deranged former patients of “Gordon Cottingham’s Hospital for the Mentally Insane.”

“It depicts the actual history of real insane asylums in the 1800s,” Stafford said, “with the nightmare of typical practices like electro-convulsive shock therapy, straitjackets, and of course, lobotomies.”

Ever wonder why most buildings are absent a 13th floor? Well this attraction will surely show you why.

Even before experiencing the “13th Floor” you’ll get your scared on at “Bloodshed,” a “hillbilly horror” shorter haunt so you don’t have to wait in line the whole time.

“Seventy-five actors will bring the legend of the often omitted floor to life with brand-new icon character masks designed by‘s own FX team,” said Stafford.

More info: Time to get through: Asylum: 35-45 minutes. 13th Floor: 35-45 minutes. General Admission: Asylum, $15; 13th Floor, $20.


Destination Terror and The Nightmare Experiment, Foothills Mall at 215 E. Foothills Parkway, Fort Collins

Chris Coleman is the owner of these two battling haunted houses and has been in the scaring business for 21 years now.

Destination Terror is a mid-evil castle, dungeony theme, where as The Nightmare Experiment is exactly how it sounds, based on nightmares and phobias.

“We’re not gore-driven,” said Coleman, ” I learned years ago it’s not really what the public was looking for. The vast majority like good scares and good actors.”

Very low gore, but high-impact startle is how Coleman says he’d describe his attractions.

“We are more from the school of Disney Haunted Mansion style,” he said, “much more visual versus hack-em-up bloody bathtubs and stuff like that.”

More info: General Admission is $17 for both houses.

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