Bob Saget tells jokes at the Boulder Theater on Thursday.

Bob Saget’s career has taken yet another schizophrenic turn.

From Danny Tanner — pristine father to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on “Full House” — to a dirty standup comedian, Saget has now taken a turn into real-life documentary.

“Strange Days with Bob Saget,” beginning Nov. 30 on A&E, follows the comedian as he explores different subcultures in America.

Fret not. Saget — who said in an HBO comedy special that he did so much family television, he has Tourette’s now — will bring the filth to the Boulder Theater on Thursday as part of his “Strange Days” standup tour.

The snarky blue comedian (and first host to “America’s Funniest Home Videos”) said the new television series allowed him to experience ventures he never had before.

Like, you know, the usual: Pledging a fraternity at age 54, searching for Bigfoot, doing a little Lucha Libre wrestling, riding in a Harley sidecar for 1,200 miles and becoming a camp counselor for boys.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” Saget said. “It’s a cultural embellishment I get into. I experienced some hardcore stuff real people live through. It’s not a celebrity show. It’s a really unique idea.”

If you go

Who: Bob Saget

When: 8 p.m. Thursday

Where: Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.

Cost: $51-$56

Not mean spirited

Unique like Saget pledging a fraternity at Cornell University.

“I got to do things like make my paddle and go to toga parties,” said Saget, who has appeared on “Entourage” and is heard as the narrator on “How I Met Your Mother.” “You know, the regular old college life stuff.”

No, he didn’t get hazed.

“We don’t like hazing,” Saget said. “We don’t like to do anything mean spirited in general.”

That is, except for the occasional “Full House” jab or self-ridicule over his stint on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” — of which Saget said he would’ve preferred to handle like he does standup: “Here’s a guy getting hit in the dick, enjoy your meal.”

Saget’s profane comedy and dirty personality was quite possibly due to Jewish guilt, he said.

“I can’t go on stage and pretend I wasn’t on ‘Full House’ and ‘AFV,'” said Saget, who will also perform a few new comedic songs at the Boulder Theater. “My standup is its own thing that still continues to surprise me. I don’t think I’m dirty. I think I’m silly. I was told not to say words as a kid, so I say them now in my act.

“But it’s not for shock value. There’s no ill intent with my standup. People like to laugh at things that are being shoved in their face.”

Making it up

Saget said he works off a lot of improv.

“Honestly, I am a complete work in progress,” Saget said. “I get out on stage and I don’t even know what I’m going to say until I get up there.”

With a whirl of different personalities, Saget said off-stage he’s very centered and quiet. And he is excited to perform in Boulder.

“I’ve played Denver in the past, but Boulder is just a little more stoned than Denver,” he said. “I love playing college towns because I haven’t really grown up in many ways.”

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