Flogging Molly s Nathen Maxwell brings his side project, The Original Bunny Gang, to CU s Club 156 on Tuesday.

Nathen Maxwell is a very busy musician. The artist juggles his time between playing bass with Flogging Molly and performing with his side project The Original Bunny Gang.

Maxwell relocated from Los Angeles to Denver, and the rest of his band is planning the move to Colorado, too. The Original Bunny Gang’s ready to become an active member of the local music community.

For starters, Maxwell booked his band at the University of Colorado’s Club 156 next week. Tuesday’s concert will feature the full group and its reggae-tinged tunes.

The Boulder show will be a nice break for Maxwell, as the performer’s been working on the new Flogging Molly CD.

If you go

Who: Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang

When: 8:30 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Club 156, University Memorial Center, CU campus, Boulder

Cost: $8-$10


“We’re in the process of writing now,” Maxwell said. “We were working in Detroit and we’re just wrapping up a 10-day session. This will be the first Flogging Molly record we’ve put out in three years.

“You just know when it’s time to record new songs.”

Maxwell provided a sneak peak into the new Flogging Molly album for Colorado fans.

“We never pre-meditate an album — it’s always an evolution of our sounds,” Maxwell said. “We’re stretching out and trying new things on this album. This time, it was written in Detroit and not in Ireland.

“We also tried more rhythmic things. This record’s not so folkie — there’s some stomping rock ‘n’ roll. What we’re doing is unique to ourselves and we’re making some new music.”

Flogging Molly’s already setting up St. Patrick’s Day shows and a Caribbean fan cruise for 2011. Maxwell couldn’t leak specific plans, but he said the band has big promotional ideas for the new album.

Despite his busy schedule, Maxwell still has time to work on the Original Bunny Gang.

“When Flogging Molly takes long enough breaks, I work on my own band,” Maxwell said. “I’ve been living in Denver, but the rest of the band’s relocating to Colorado. We’re going to start from the ground up in the Denver scene.

“I like the vibrancy of the music scene here and I’m going to do everything I can to be part of it.”

Locals might be surprised to learn that the Bunny Gang plays reggae-fused music.

“Our music has more of a reggae feel to it,” Maxwell said. “It’s not typical roots reggae. It is original music that reflects my tastes and where I’m coming from.”

Maxwell and his bandmates are playing Colorado to promote their new single “L.A. Xmas.” The vinyl’s B-side features Fort Collins faves The Aggrolites.

Club 156 will be Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang’s debut show at CU, and the band’s pumped to play Boulder.

“This is the first time we’ll be playing campus,” Maxwell said. “We’re going to have a good time and get the music out to the college kids. We’re really trying to develop as a local band, so we thought this would be a good show to do.

“This will be a full-band show and we’re going to play good, original music. Bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to have fun.”

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