VersaEmerge plays Denver s Marquis Theater on Saturday.

VersaEmerge is making a name with its edgy, alternative rock sounds and Sierra Kusterbeck’s emotionally charged vocals. The group’s traveled extensively with Taking Back Sunday, Starship Cobra and the Warped Tour, but this group isn’t following the usual gameplan.

Here’s the kicker — VersaEmerge created a music industry stir without the benefit of a full-length CD. The band changed that scenario with the 2010 release of Fixed at Zero.

If you go

Who: VersaEmerge, with AnArbor

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Marquis Theater, 2009 Larimer St. Denver,

Cost: $10-$12

Saturday, the Florida band shows off its emotive new tunes at the Marquis Theater in Denver.

“VersaEmerge was already a band before I joined,” Kusterbeck said. “I joined after I found out they were taking auditions on MySpace. I had to try out and made a crappy demo.

“No one liked it, but Blake (Harnage) wanted me to write with them and I’ve been with them ever since. I’d never been in a band before, but I did study musical theater in high school. I really loved their music and it felt right.”

Kusterbeck’s vocals have been compared to Hayley Williams of Paramore, but VersaEmerge takes its edgy rock into more dynamic and experimental realms.

“Our band sound gradually changed,” Kusterbeck said. “We’re a harder band now, but it complements my voice. We’re definitely an alternative rock band with pop aspects. The songs are very thematic and orchestral.”

VersaEmerge released two EPs, but the band is relieved to finally have a full-length record.

“We released the EPs on our own,” Kusterbeck said. “We wanted to have something to give the kids. We wanted to give them a taste of our music and see how they reacted.

“We got to do some amazing tours and we got to build a fanbase.”

VersaEmerge’s experience on the road fueled the new songs and made the band studio-ready for the new record.

“It’s hard work being on the road — and we’ve been on the road for a long time,” Kusterbeck said. “Once we settled in, we had the time to delve and experiment. It was so much fun to write a full-length record for the first time.

“The theme of the record’s about being lost and stuck in one’s space. It’s about stepping out and figuring out about flaws and insecurities — and bringing them to light. Kids tell us how these songs have helped them work through personal problems.”

There’s a definite buzz on VersaEmerge and MTV’s helping to fuel the fire. Kusterbeck and the band were recently featured on a full episode of the network’s reality series “World of Jenks.”

In the world of rock, it’s all about the live show. That’s why VersaEmerge promises to deliver a world class concert at the Marquis.

“Our live show is fun, flowing and energetic,” Kusterbeck said. “We try to make each show special. It’s a real cinematic presentation that hits on lots of levels.”

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