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Dear Christy,

In the past I’ve never been into one-night stands, but recently I’ve been talking to a guy and it has turned into a physical relationship. But we’ve never been out on a date.

I’m enjoy him, but I’m not used to a relationship like this. My friends tell me that sometimes the best relationships start this way and I should just let it progress naturally and hope that it turns into something more.

Can a roll in the hay ever really turn into a walk down the aisle?

One Night Stand

Stand (taller!):

Yes. A jaunt in the sack can turn into a lawfully wedded Mr. Ball and Chain.

However, future inquiries may make things a tad awkward.

“Grandma, how did you and grandpa meet?”

“Well, sugar, we were blackout tanked at the bar when your grandfather invited me to his crib for some lovin’, touchin’ and squeezin’ — i.e., he stuffed me like a scarecrow.”

Heed! This will not turn solid if things don’t take a step up.

If it has been more than a month sans date, his intentions are in his pants.

Yes, he enjoys the company, but I’m afraid he’s saving his money for the Ab Rocket.

Try asking him on a date (get over it, it’s 2010) and examine his reaction.

No? Then start seeing other dudes. But keep him in your purse.

Perhaps jealousy will have him chain you to his ego.

Plus, you have better tail to chase. And now a trusty backup!

Remember ladies: Backup = crucial.

Dear Christy,

I do most of the talking in my relationship. He doesn’t really speak up much, so since I like to talk I fill all the voids.

Do you think he gets sick of it?

Chatty Kathy


Oh boy, I’m a talker. I’m a Leo, it’s my job.

I feel your pain. What can we say? We have fascinating shit to spew (and oh so eloquently).

I’ll speak for myself.

“Am I talking?” is my most uttered phrase. My lover always responds with: “Still.” (He loves it.)

As long as you aren’t talking about garbage, keep it going.

But are you only in the union so an outside party can watch your inane rubbish litter the air?

That’ll happen. A recent ex didn’t talk much, which meant I was graced with talking constantly. It was awesome. Leos don’t share the spotlight.

The problem is (case in point), I tangent. Then forget what I was talking about, which can make for a long (albeit still damn captivating) story.

And for those laggers who will fall off the attention ride? They can suck it. We don’t babble. They have ADHD.

Wait. What the hell are we talking about?

Good talk.

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