God forbid, Mr. Quinn, UGA class of 1976 (“Buffs fans embarrass CU,” Colorado Daily, Oct. 12), that you have your virgin ears bombarded by coarse epithets while you’re screaming for the blood of the opposition, periodically cheering the most physically brutal and concussive human collisions, and generally joining in the rabid mass hysteria of American’s supreme blood sport.

I would warn you, Mr. Quinn, that the expectation that any sane person would believe that a student section chanting “‘F–k you Georgia’ was probably the lowest form of behavior (you have) witnessed at a game” necessarily contains a concomitant expectation of a much more than normal credulity on our part; to say the least.

Are we to reasonably believe you never, growing up down South, watched any college sports during the ’60s while black college football and basketball players were courageously forcing the color line in Southeastern Conference football and basketball?

Any of those players would surely be happy to inform you, Mr. Quinn, that “epithets,” racial and otherwise, were only the tip of the bigoted iceberg of what they endured. You fellas in Georgia and the rest of the South gave up the high road in the matter of civility long, long ago.

The hypocrisy in your assertion, Mr. Quinn, of a moral and civil superiority is something akin to the hypocrisy and moral blindness of seeing an insult to Americans in a Muslim “mosque” near “Ground Zero,” but not in the waving of the Confederate flag in black Americans’ faces for the last 150 years at virtually every Southern athletic or racing event, not to mention civic barbecues, picnics, parades, and any other gathering of more than two or three rednecks.

My lord, even ex-Nazis have recognized (up to the recent upsurge of rightist rhetoric and iconography in Germany) the affront to the Jewish people, not to mention human decency, of brandishing the Nazis flag in public. Yet the Stars and Bars represent (and glorify!) a no less murderous blot on human history.

Now where is the “class” in that, Mr. Quinn?

Robert Dews


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