Big Gigantic is Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken.

Local band Big Gigantic has some really big news.

The two-man electro act is touring behind its new CD, A Place Behind the Moon. The record was released on Sound Tribe Sector 9’s 1320 Records.

That’s not all. Big Gigantic recently earned the right to remix Chiddy Bang’s track “Opposite of Adults (Kids).”

Big Gigantic is a musical vision created by local artists Dominic Lalli (sax/producer) and Jeremy Salken (drums). The group’s music explores a wide range of electronic and acoustic textures.

Lalli is keen on getting the word out on Big Gigantic and he talked to the Colorado Daily about the project.

Q: What is Big Gigantic?

A: Big Gigantic is me and drummer Jeremy Salken. We pretty much got started while we were delving into electronic music. We play electronic music with a hip-hop flavor. We’re a little more hip-hop based, but we throw a lot of different flavors in.

Q: What sets your group apart from other electronic acts?

A: When we play live, we improvise quite a bit. We’re a mix between a band and a DJ.

We mix all this material in, but we’re very song-oriented. We also do a lot of improvisation and solos, and we meld those two things together.

We’re all instrumental, but we do mix in some DJ tracks. I play the sax, but I learned how to make beats and DJ, too. During a live show, I’m DJing, playing the keyboards and the sax. I can have everything set up on a loop trigger.

Q: The band’s career has been taking off very fast. What exciting things have been happening?

A: We just did Red Rocks with Sound Tribe Sector 9. We’ve also been playing all kinds of festivals and had the chance to play Camp Bisco. The festival season is over, so we’re hitting the road to help build our scene.

Q: How did Big Gigantic get hooked up with Chiddy Bang?

A: Our manager made the connection with Chiddy Bang when they played CU. I made the remix of ‘Opposite of Adults (Kids)’ and they liked it. I was completely stoked, because that was pretty amazing.

The remix is a remix of Chiddy Bang’s remix of a MGMT song. I love the original Chiddy Bang remix and it definitely sounds like a Big Gigantic song.

That’s why I tried to keep the flavor of Chiddy Bang and MGMT in what we did. We set it up so it would feel more like a song. It has hip-hop tracks and a chorus.

It definitely has our flavor on it. We’ve been giving it away as a free download and there’s been a great response.

We just keep trying to get our music out to people.

Q: What’s A Place Behind the Moon like?

A: The record came out in September and it’s our second full-length album. We’re really happy that this whole record has a feel that runs all the way through it. This full-length record takes you on a journey. It’s pretty hard-hitting, and it has very descriptive moods and feelings.

We’re already working on new music and we’ll have a new release out in the spring.

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