Angela Nilles shows off the Boulder Rocks! rock she found Tuesday.

University of Colorado graduate student Angela Nilles and her boyfriend — past Boulder Rocks! winner Justin Keller — spent enough time hunting for the Colorado Daily’s hidden rocks last summer that she had a pretty good idea where this week’s was hidden.

“When we saw the second clue this morning, Justin said, ‘That’s probably at Chautauqua’ — and I knew where it would probably be,” Nilles said Tuesday, referring to the clue, “To my south and west, the land’s mostly untamed.”

Next chance

Want another shot at $500? Boulder Rocks! Week 4 begins Monday — watch the Colorado Daily or for clues. Good luck.

Sure enough, the rock — the third of this fall’s round of Boulder Rocks! — was hidden in the chimney of an old stone camp stove in a picnic area near the McClintock trailhead behind the Chautauqua Auditorium.

By finding the rock, Nilles netted $500.

“The only reason I knew is we spent a lot of time last summer looking for those rocks,” Nilles said. “We looked all over Chautauqua one of the weeks. I remember thinking that chimney was an unusual looking thing, and it would be a good place to hide something.”

Keller found the Colorado Daily rock in Week 2 of last June’s installment of Boulder Rocks!, and since the rules don’t prohibit repeat winners, he and Nilles have kept trying to find subsequent rocks. Last Thursday, the couple even searched the area near KGNU’s offices just hours before that week’s rock was found.

“There were a lot of people out there, like 15 people searching that afternoon,” Keller said.

As for the winnings, Nilles said the money will “probably just buy groceries,” although she noted winter is approaching and, “We have to tune up our skis.”

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