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That s a little too much leopard, ladies.
That s a little too much leopard, ladies.

So we understand that, while in college, you may be working on a budget with your clothes, or perhaps you get dressed in the dark for that 8 a.m. class.

But there’s just no excuse for some of these fashion faux pas we’re seeing around the University of Colorado campus these days. (And we’re not even going to get into Crocs, Uggs and jeggings.)

Here’s what to avoid before heading out for class:


Wrong underwear: Visible panty lines have been a fashion no-no for a long time. But now we have the problem of the “whale tail.”

This, for those unknowledgeable, is when a girls’ thongs are visible above their jeans and it looks like a whale. (Get it?) It’s not hard to figure out how to wear your underwear so people don’t see it. Girls, showing your butterfly panties to the world is slutty, not cute.

Too much of a trend: So animal prints, fur and military are popular right now. But you need to know how to balance it out. If we see you walking around with all of the trends in one jacket, or head to toe in leopard print, we’re going to point and laugh.

Leggings and T’s: OK, so we said we wouldn’t talk about jeggings, but leggings are a different deal. The fact that we see so many girls running around in T-shirts they’re constantly pulling down to cover their crotches — which aren’t hidden by much other than the leggings — is gross.

Yes, we get leggings are comfy, but really? Not to mention most of these outfits are paired with Uggs.

Pajamas in public: We’re not going to demonize sweatpants in public, although many may think we’re horrible for not doing so. But we have to say the cartoon, little kid pajama pants in public are just tacky.

Please leave your Power Puff Girls or Tinkerbell PJs in the dorm room where they belong.

Colored bras with light shirts: Holy slutty Batman! We don’t understand how this keeps happening!

Hot pink bras under white T-shirts are something for strip clubs or streetwalkers, girls, not college. It doesn’t matter whether or not you “need to do laundry” and use that as an excuse.

Wash your neutral bra in the sink! Just don’t do it.


Popped collars: No girls will be DTF with the re-emergence of this horrible trend from a few years back, thanks to the guido douchebags on “The Jersey Shore.” (No offense, Pauly D.)

Sandals: Guys should not be allowed to wear sandals, ever.

Sagging: Buy a belt, hike them up — or we’ll come find you and de-pants you in public.

Shorts with socks: Black socks and longer khaki shorts are not “skater,” they’re ridiculous and make you look like an idiot.

Too-skinny jeans: Not many people want to walk up to you and automatically see your junk being hugged by your jeans.

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