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Judith Mohling’s article (“Peace Train: Stop the hawks,” Nov. 5) is a good example of why it’s so difficult for some of us to take the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice center seriously.

She weakens an otherwise thoughtful article about the need for a balanced government with nonsense about the U.S. exercising “global tyranny,” as if that were the only side to the coin.

The tyrannies of the last 60 years have not come from the U.S. successfully waging war, but rather from the U.S. unsuccessfully waging war — a perfect example being Vietnam.

Due to U.S. military involvement, we have a free Europe, a free South Korea and a democratic state of Israel, surrounded by tyrannies. Say what you will about our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, our political objectives do not involve the imposition of tyranny, but of its removal.

Ours is a dangerous world, and stepping aside and allowing Iran to destroy Israel and then move on to her neighbors — to cite but one likely scenario — is not in the best interests of anyone, including the RMPJC.

Peter Johnson


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