I may be one of the few that has something good to say about the Hawkins guys.

I think Cody has been a pretty good quarterback, beat OU once, has a lot of yards and touchdowns passing, had a couple of touchdowns against Texas last year. Yes, he has some interceptions, a couple against Kansas, but the very highly recruited Texas QB had five that day.

Cody has made the most of his natural talent, and taken some hard tackles on the field and kept going. I think he was better than the backup for the first two years.

Most of all, Cody has made the best of a tough situation, whether he was starting or not, and not tried to blame others. You don’t read of any DUIs or hitting girlfriends or drug problems or fights in bars at 2 a.m. or stolen computers or TVs, like in so many other athlete or coaching cases.

There are things more important than a football game, and I say that even as a TexasEx, as both a former player and a coach.

Dan may have done about as well as he could with the players he had, don’t know how many really four- or five-star recruits CU gets. But in any case, he has not had any problems off the field and seems to have done a fine job as a father.

Bill Greenwood


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