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  • Donavon Frankenreiter headlines the Fox Theatre tonight.

    Donavon Frankenreiter headlines the Fox Theatre tonight.

  • Donavon Frankenreiter

    Donavon Frankenreiter



Donavon Frankenreiter’s riding a wave of success with his new CD, Glow.

The performer gets to play his tunes around the globe, surfs where he can — and his identifiable mustache is bringing the fashion statement back in a big way.

Just ask the Frankenreiter fans sporting the performer’s “official” press-on mustache. Jimmy Kimmel and his entire audience wore the fake ‘staches during the musician’s recent visit to the late night show.

If you go

Who: Donavon Frankenreiter, with Ximena Sarinana

When: 9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $21

Thursday, Frankenreiter shows off his real mustache and his very cool new tunes at the Fox Theatre.

“I started surfing at the age of 10, became professional at 16 and picked up the guitar,” Frankenreiter said. “It’s all become entwined as one. Work is great — wherever I travel, I surf and play music.”

Frankenreiter said the combination of hitting the waves and writing songs is the best of both worlds. Surfing and beach life have inspired a lot of his laid-back tunes.

“I spend a lot of time at the beach, and that’s so mellow and relaxed,” Frankenreiter said. “That gives my music more of an acoustic, lighter feel.

“My music tends to be acoustically written, and then I add things like delayed tones, overdubs and hand claps. I like to add a lot of textures to the songs.”

Frankenreiter is also a good buddy of singer-songwriter Jack Johnson. Both performers divide their time between riding the waves and making music.

Jack’s help

In 2002, Frankenreiter signed to Johnson’s Brushfire Records. It’s been a very good investment for both artists.

“I met Jack when I was 15 and we’ve been friends ever since,” Frankenreiter said. “We grew up surfing and making music together. Signing with Brushfire really opened up the door for my musical career.

“Jack took me around the world. It’s been unbelievable and fun.”

Frankenreiter’s still signed to Brushfire and the label released Glow.

“It’s been a lot of fun starting the Glow tour,” Frankenreiter said. “I’m happy about this record. It’s got fun, uplifting songs and it was fun to make.

“I was able to write with a lot of great songwriters on this record. I had seven songs going into this, but I wanted three or four I could co-write. Matt Nathanson wrote the title song, ‘Glow.'”

In and out

Frankenreiter said the Glow studio experience was different than his past recording sessions.

“We went into the studio and made this record in three days,” Frankenreiter said. “I had a great band and we did it mostly live. This is the way I love to make albums and it really captured a moment with the songs.

“I wrote a lot of the songs when I was travelling. I get to live an amazing life, but it’s hard to be away from the people I love. I wanted to write an uplifting record that would be little letters to my family and put them to music.”

Frankenreiter believes in being positive, so the performer took his heavier emotions and turned then into upbeat songs.

“The first thing I do is grab a surfboard or guitar if I’m depressed or bummed,” Frankenreiter said. “I think that’s why my songs are positive and uplifting, because those two things make me happy.

“I want my music to put a smile on people’s faces. I want them to smile, embrace the moment and shine for themselves.”

Fake fur

That’s why Frankenreiter’s getting a chuckle about the fake mustaches his press people are handing out.

The press-on ‘staches have become very cool collector’s items — the Colorado Daily gave away a few this week via the paper’s Club Notes page on Facebook — and fans are showing up at shows wearing the pseudo facial hair.

“We thought it would be really fun to give them away,” Frankenreiter said. “It started out as a gimmick, but people have been wearing them to the shows.

“This thing has taken over. I brought 200 of them to the Jimmy Kimmel show, and he and the crowd had them on. It got everyone to laugh and it probably made the easiest Halloween costume ever.”

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