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Fourth Boulder Rocks! winners Holden Young and Katherine Sanz ‘obsessed’ with finding rock

Katherine Sanz and Holden Young show off their winning rock.
Katherine Sanz and Holden Young show off their winning rock.

Early last week, Holden Young stood right next to the old camp stove behind Chautauqua Auditorium and didn’t think to look inside the chimney — which is where, hours later, someone else found the Colorado Daily rock.

That’s what motivated the local musician and his girlfriend, Katherine Sanz, to spend this week searching for the next Boulder Rocks! rock — and their persistence paid off today to the tune of $500.

Last chance

There’s just one week left in this round of Boulder Rocks! If you want a shot at $500, watch for next week’s clues beginning Monday in the Colorado Daily or at Good luck.

The couple found this week’s rock tucked inside a fallen log along Boulder Creek behind the Boulder County Justice Center off of Sixth Street and Canyon Boulevard.

“We were obsessed,” said Sanz, who graduated from the University of Colorado in 2008.

Monday, the couple spent the day scouring every local playground in the area after reading the first clue: “Across the way, children sometimes swing,” which actually was a reference to the rope swings along Boulder Creek.

The couple said they were stumped by Tuesday’s clue (“To take the nearest path, you’ll need to ditch the wheels,” a reference to the dirt path that runs between the creek and the paved Boulder Creek Path, on which bikes aren’t allowed).

“This morning (Young) came into the bedroom and yelled ‘Peace and justice!’ and we were both like, ‘To the van!,'” Sanz said, referring to today’s clue (“There’s a certain peace here when it’s just us”).

“I remembered a lyric on D’Angelo’s album Voodoo that said, ‘There ain’t no justice, just us,'” Young said.

Young and Sanz first went to the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in north Boulder. With no luck there, they tried searching around the Justice Center.

“We were there at the same time as these two guys, so we knew we were in the right place,” Sanz said.

The couple search around the creek for 10 or 15 minutes before they found the rock. They wanted to give a “shout out” to Tyler and Jesse, two hunters who were in the same area when Young and Sanz found the rock.

As to what the couple will do with the $500, Young said, “We’re going to Mexico!”

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