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Jeff Brinkman, local singer-songwriter.
Jeff Brinkman, local singer-songwriter.

Boulder musician Jeff Brinkman is looking forward to packing his bags and heading to Malibu, Calif., this weekend.

That’s because the singer-songwriter and his band are performing a Saturday show for the inaugural Evening of Hope and Happiness. Celebs taking part in the benefit include actor Forest Whitaker and sports stars Evander Holyfield and Kobe Bryant.

Brinkman’s music is also featured in Relix magazine’s holiday CD sampler. The seasonal issue hits the stands Nov. 19.

The local performer’s getting lots of lucky breaks, and his brand of acoustic indie-pop is reaching local and national audiences.

Q: Why did you want to be a musician and why did you move to Colorado?

A: When I was little, my dad played guitar at night before I went to sleep. I got a guitar for Christmas and decided that’s what I wanted to do.

I had some bands in Iowa, but I decided to move to Boulder and put together a band. It’s so beautiful here and it’s a nice place to live.

Q: You’re a singer-songwriter, but how would you define your music?

A: It’s a singer-songwriter genre and there’s a lot of content to the lyrics. It’s really easy to connect to the songs. They’re positive and uplifting.

There’s some folk, pop and definitely some rock in my music. It’s also a little bit like Rusted Root, because there’s lots of percussion.

I have ballads, but I also have driving percussive and upbeat songs. There’s a nice variety that covers a diverse gamut of music. People have compared the music to early Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson.

In fact, Jack Johnson’s drummer Adam Topol played on my album.

Q: What’s the message in your CD To the Bones?

A: I hope people will be able to take something from the songs and apply them to their own lives. The songs have a message that you’re not alone, you can always start over — and the best place to be is here.

Q: How did your band get involved with the Malibu benefit this weekend?

A: Tony Hsieh is CEO of Zappos and wrote the book “Delivering Happiness.” He built his business on surrounding yourself with people of integrity and believing in something.

They did a Delivering Happiness tour in Boulder and we played the event. They recorded us, and now we’re playing a big show in Vegas on Nov. 26, and the Hope and Happiness benefit in Malibu.

We’re trying to do good things and it keeps coming back to us.

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