Mentally, you re already here in Vail s back bowls.
Mentally, you re already here in Vail s back bowls.

Mentally, you’re already schussing your way through Thanksgiving break at Vail. Or maybe you ran off to Fruita or Moab to ride. Or Potrero Chico to climb.

You’ve got pre-break brain.

But you’re not physically there yet. You still have to get through the rest of this week of class or work.

By the way, I’m totally going to send the desert gnar and climb …

Oh snap. I’ve got it too.

I guess we all need these five tips for holding it together this week:

1. Get a wingman

You can’t do this alone. The temptation to daydream about your break is too strong. Ask a good friend to provide moral support for the week. That might include:

Hiding your skis, which you have waxed five times in the past two days.

Hiding your guidebook to Potrero Chico, which you’ve memorized.

Hiding the tool box, because you’re high on fumes from excessively lubing your bike chain and pedals and thus posted “psyched to ride!” on Facebook three times in the last five minutes because you forgot each subsequent time.

You’re psyched. We get it. Put the lube away.

(That’s what she said.)

2. Call Mom

If anyone is good at forcing you to be responsible (for short periods of time) it’s your mom.

Mom will remind you that if you flunk out of CU because of snowboarding, you can kiss your sweet (underground, cold, dank) apartment on the Hill goodbye.

Though she did buy you your Epic Pass. And your snowboard. And the pants you ride in, which mysteriously stay put just below your ass without falling to your ankles.

Maybe she secretly wants you to try to go pro. Why else would she put so much into your snowboarding career?

You should probably head up to Vail early, you know, for training.

You don’t want to disappoint Mom.

3. Reward yourself

Getting shit done is hard. Reward your good deeds.

Finish a project before your Wednesday deadline? Good job. Let yourself go to The Spot to boulder with your wingman/woman.

Finish your ethics paper early? Good job. Skip class the rest of this week and head out now.

Maybe revisit your ethics paper.

4. Um.

Huh. I can’t think of another.

All I can think about is vacay. Did I tell you I’m going climbing?

So psyched! So. Psyched.

Am I still writing? Oops.

5. Quit now

The only thing you’ll get done this week is micro-planning next week.

So quit working now.

Still show up to work or school if you have to. You can chat with the friends you’re meeting at Vail on your laptop. Look up maps and photos of the trails you want to ride.

The work will still be there when you get back.

Except for mine. I am so fired for this.

Am I still writing?