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Vintage ¤ 80s cartoon characters -- like these Hello Kitty and Cabbage Patch Kids necklaces -- are all the rage now.
Vintage ¤ 80s cartoon characters — like these Hello Kitty and Cabbage Patch Kids necklaces — are all the rage now.

You know that over-sized Minnie Mouse sweatshirt your mom bought you when you were 10 years old and has been hidden in your closet ever since?

Well bring it back out — because it seems that our childhood icons are coming back to haunt us, but in a good way.

Designers such as Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, who outfitted Lady Gaga and Beyonce for parts of the “Telephone” music video, have had some of our favorite furry childhood friends on their runways recently. De Castelbajac’s fall show featured the lovable Disney character Bambi on many pieces as well as some accessories.

Now, we don’t expect anyone to run out and try to buy a ready-to-wear piece from a high fashion designer, but we have a few ideas on how to look classy rather than juvenile.

Claire Tharp, a University of Colorado freshman, said she still has her Mickey sweatshirt from eighth grade — but she’s hardly ever worn it.

“I’ve seen a little bit of it on campus,” she said of the Disney trend. “It’s trashy if it’s like a ratty old T-shirt, but if it’s understated or vintage, it works.”

Sophomore Jennifer Funk concurred: “If it’s more indie, it looks OK.”

The easiest way to put it: Whatever you’re wearing has to be pretty understated. (Unless, of course, it’s the straight off the runway tunic that has Bambi’s face bigger than your own; in that case, we’ll let that slide.)

So we’re totally allowing T-shirts, vintage sweatshirts and any sort of jewelry, but don’t let it become an “in your face” trend. Put a simple cardigan over the T-shirt, wear simple, nice looking jeans with that sweatshirt, and don’t overdo it with the jewelry.

Disney has it’s own couture jewelry line. It captures all your favorite movies and characters in subtle, super-cute and inexpensive ways. There are a few places to find this stuff online, including and

A great way to get on top of this trend is to shop vintage. Mickey and his lady Minnie have been around for pretty much ever, so you’ll probably be able to find a good piece or two.

Gold Mine Vintage on Pearl Street gets ’80s Disney stuff every now and again.

“When we do get it, it goes pretty fast,” said Kane Stanley, a sales associate at Goldmine.

According to Joan Jones, a co-owner of Goldmine, Mickey seems to be the classic character for popular apparel.

“It was a huge motif in the ;80s,” she said.

“Any of the Deadstock ’80s novelty necklaces are hugely popular,” Jones said.

These are the necklaces that feature some of the best cuddly ’80s cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, the Care Bears and even Strawberry Shortcake. Characters that have stood the test of time and still remain popular after all these years.

“It just goes back to reminiscing about their childhood,” Jones said.