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Jennifer Lopez has a new fashion line coming out.
Jennifer Lopez has a new fashion line coming out.

‘Tis the season to give, but lots of reality stars are seeing how much they can sell to viewers.

We’re talking everything from political careers to cheesy products. Just ask J-Lo, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Flavor Flav.

I never thought I’d be putting that crew in the same sentence!

J-Lo and ‘Idol’

Jennifer Lopez will debut her judging skills on “American Idol” next year, but she’s already planning to parlay that market into something more.

J-Lo and husband Mark Anthony just announced a trendy clothing line they’ve developed for Kohl’s. Samples from the line will debut during the “AI” season.

Coincidence? I think not.

Great. Lopez will probably have the “American Idol” contestants sporting her designs as they go through the show’s new competitions.

Oh yeah, these kids thought they were coming to Hollywood to sing.

Guess again.

The young singers also will have to promote themselves, make a music video — and create an awards-show performance with dancers and musicians.

Is this “The Apprentice” or “American Idol”?

Reality TV president?

Last week, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin announced they were “thinking” about running for president.

That’s as in the U.S., not a leader of a “Survivor” tribe.

Trump’s getting ready to host a new season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” and “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” earned more than 5 million viewers last week.

That’s not stopping the powerhouse reality stars from looking to the future.

Plus, Palin’s daughter Bristol caused a ruckus with last week’s jump to the “Dancing with the Stars” finale. Singer Brandy got the boot during the semifinals, and many viewers think Palin family politics influenced the votes.

Is there a tempest in this tea party?

Stay tuned for tonight’s finale with Jennifer Gray, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin. This could be the most controversial “Dancing with the Stars” contest ever.

Flavor Flav’s vodka and chicken

Flavor Flav loves to star in reality dating shows, but now he wants to sell you vodka and chicken.

Flav just created his own line of vodka called Le Flav Spirits, and the rapper plans to market bubblegum, olive and berry flavored brews. The reality star also created Le Flav Cognac and Chateau Le Flav champagne.

In case you need some eats with those beverages, the rapper will be operating Flav’s Fried Chicken franchise.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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