At home I have ample space and even an extra room next to mine where I can relax and keep my things.

However, once I got to Boulder, I was forced to live in a tiny space with a roommate. This transition was a tough one and I am still adjusting with finding space for my things and keeping the room clean.

Throughout the first couple of months it has seemed like I have been climbing a mountain with the peak being a clean and space-efficient room.

The University of Colorado has many different dorms for freshmen. When I was picking which dorm to live in, I took a lot of things into consideration. My biggest factor was that I was close to the classrooms and a place to eat.

Farrand Hall seemed to fit the bill, and I chose it as my first choice without even looking at it. When I visited the school I saw that Farrand Hall was a traditional-looking building that had a lot of eye appeal. The building looked like a spectacular place to call home.

After living in the dorm for a while, it’s tough to say if I would change my dorm decision if I had the opportunity. I have found other dorms that have a lot to offer and others that seem terrible.

Sewall Hall is a beautiful dorm that has a place to eat in the basement. It is away from Farrand Field, but this means that there is a lot less traffic around the building. The Recreation Center is a two-minute walk, and if you’re lucky, you could get the balcony room, which is massive. If I were to pick a different dorm, Sewall would be on the top of my list.

On the other side, there are two dorms off campus in an area called Williams Village. The problem with these dorms is that they are very far away and require a bus to get to class. I tend to leave my dorm 10 minutes before my class, and it would be tough having to leave 30-plus minutes to get to class on time, especially during early morning classes.

Williams Village is nicknamed Will Vill, and the freshmen who live in the towers are coined Will-Vill Warriors, a playful name for students who have to think about their location whenever they want to do anything. Williams Village would certainly be on the bottom of my list of dorms.

When I got my room number, it didn’t really mean much to me. I was room 77 and that was it. I later found out that was put on the basement floor, which was all guys.

At first I was furious, as I wanted a large floor that had both guys and girls. However, over time I bonded with all my floor mates and started to enjoy the perks of having a small floor. We are a band of brothers and everyone looks out for each other.

We are all best friends, including our RA, and it’s a great community. The floor above us has just girls and we were able to bond with them as well.

What was once a major disappointment turned into something I wouldn’t change for the world. It’s a pleasure living with such stand-up guys and I feel blessed that we have been able to unite so fast.

Living in the dorms is certainly something I will never forget. I dread going back to living in such a small room, but at least my peers are going through it as well.

Dorm life is part of the college experience and I’m glad the experience isn’t going as bad as it could.

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