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    Buff gear is always a great gift choice.

  • The Carstache: Yes, it s a mustache for your car. Sweet.


    Give the gift of tuning at Boulder Ski Deals. Give the gift of tuning at Boulder Ski Deals.

  • Paul Sakuma

    Get someone an iPad for Christmas. They will love you forever.



Black Friday’s behind us, and there are just three shopping weekends left before Christmas.

Add into the mix: One more week of classes, then finals.

So you might need some help coming up with clever gifts for fiends and family. Have no fear — we’ve got you covered. Peruse our list of suggestions, from the latest tech gadgets to outdoorsy stuff to, well, facial hair for your car.

Check it out:

College Cookbooks

What it does: Cookbooks like “Cheap, Fast & Easy Cookbook” or “The College Cookbook: An Alternative to the Meal Plan” include dorm-friendly recipes that students can make in the microwave without sacrificing taste. The recipes are cheap and fast to make, giving students an alternative to dining hall food and pizza.

Why it’s hot: These college unique cookbooks will give students options for everything from late night snacks to blended drinks and party foods for a night in with friends. They’ll appreciate the break from their meal plan and the convenience of homemade goodness — especially during cram sessions, all within a college budget.

Where to buy: has some great deals on new and used cookbooks of all kinds. Plus, you can find some cheap kitchen supplies or fun dishes to create a cooking extravaganza in their dorm.

Cost: Depending on the book you can grab a used version starting at $1 plus shipping or a new edition starting around $10 up to about $30.

Sustainable surprises

What it does: From scarves made of repurposed sweater sleeves to cardboard home decorations and wine racks made from old skis, recycled gifts are unique and personal especially for the sustainable CU student. Green items are everywhere, so no matter what your student is into, you’ll have no problem finding a recycled gift to fit their personality.

Why it’s hot: Green gifts are trendy right now. Saving the planet has become cool in recent years, but students in Boulder seem to be more concerned with sustainability then most. So give them a gift that they can show off to all their environmentally conscious friends.

Where to buy: In Boulder, check out: Joyful furniture, 2000 21st St., North Star Jewelry Supply, 4680 N. Broadway or Ellie’s Eco Home Store, 2525 Arapahoe Ave. Online, and have great selections of recycled gifts for reasonable prices.

Cost: Prices vary depending on the product. Pick up a pair of sustainable socks or mittens for under $20 or lawn furniture made from old skis and snowboards for $500.

Buff gift basket

What it does: A gift basket full of black and gold will be a great gift for any Buff. Stuff it with T-shirts, foam fingers, playing cards or any other personalized items in school colors. Taylor it to your student or send a generic version to a CU alum in your neighborhood or at work.

Why it’s hot: Buff baskets make great gifts because they can be made for any Buff on any budget. Make your own or grab a pre-made basket online or through one of the bookstores near campus. This is great for helping first year students stock up on school spirit or for the alumni who likes an occasional trip down memory lane.

Where to buy: Visit the CU Book Store inside the UMC or online at or the Colorado Bookstore on the Hill at Also, check out for some good deals on Buff stuff.

Cost: Prices will vary. Make your own from as low at $15 or buy a pre made basket starting around $40.


What it does: The iPad is a multi-touch screen, hand-held tablet that allows you to watch videos, send e-mail, listen to music, read books and multi-task projects.

Why it’s hot: It’s easy to carry around, and the sound and visual qualities are amazingly sharp. Plus, it’s the hottest hi-tech accessory to be sporting these days.

Where to buy: Apple stores, Target or online at

Cost: Starts at $499.

Crosley Musician Entertainment System

What it does: The vintage-looking cabinet system has a turntable for vinyl, is iPod- and MP3-ready, has a CD player, cassette player, AM/FM radio and stereo speakers — all in one device

Why it’s hot: Instead of having a zillion components, you can play all your music on one machine. Plus, vinyl is back and you want a good turntable.

Where to buy: You can buy it or find more information at

Cost: Around $169.

Coffee table rock books

What it does: These books shed some new light on your favorite bands and musicians in a colorful format. The books are large-scale and look great hanging around your house.

Why it’s hot: These books are the ultimate fan gifts. This year’s hot new books include “Death Cab for Cutie” by Autumn de Wilde, “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” by the band and Brendan Mullen and “Music” by Andrew Zuckerman, featuring pieces written by Ben Gibbard, Lenny Kravitz, Ozzy Osbourne and more.

Where to buy: or order them from local book stores.

Cost: The Death Cab for Cutie book retails at $29.95, The Red Hot Chili Peppers book is $39.99 and “Music” costs $50.


What it does: It makes a doll out of wonderful you!

Why it’s hot: You’re a conceited asshole. You love yourself more than you should. Hey, nothing wrong with that, inflated egos are hard to come by these days. You need a doll of yourself so you can gaze into your own eyes. Freak. The YouDooDoll is a blank canvas that includes inkjet iron-on transfer paper to plaster a photo of your face on the doll. It comes with a shirt, skirt and pants. For the deflated egos, put your lover’s face on there or Justin Bieber’s (like you don’t have a weird secret crush on that kid). Or, have fun and put your cheating ex’s face on there and jab a knife in the heart. Whoa. Easy there. The doll even comes in a superhero version where you can even record your own superhero slogan on the doll.

Where to buy:

Cost: $20-$30


What it does: Pimps out your car with a mustache

Why it’s hot: Well, because your car needs a mustache, obviously. I mean, you funnel $10 worth of quarters into the mustache stick-on vending machine in the bowling alley desperately seeking the Fu Manchu. (That damn thing never comes. It keeps popping out a blond Charlie Chaplin. Dammit.) So now, since the latest craze is wearing fake mustaches, you can dress up your battered car (yeah, yeah — it’s vintage) with 34 inches of facial hair on the grill. The oversized polyester fuzz comes in a variety of colors — hot pink, gray, orange, purple and black — and ties to the grill to pimp that ride in style. Careful, though, it’s not recommended for highway use. Around Boulder? Hell yeah. Work it.

Where to buy:

Cost: $39

Toilet mug

What it does: Lets you drink coffee out of a toilet.

Why it’s hot: You’re in college. You’re disgusting. You do things like play beer pong until you puke, do back-to-back-to-back-to-back shots of Jager and drunkenly dance with vodka bottles. You need a coffee mug that looks like the commode. Even if you don’t drink coffee, this thing is a good time. Put some flowers in it, make it a pen holder, display it on the coffee table, or drink beer out of it at parties. Don’t roll your eyes. This thing rocks. On the positive side, after you pound beer after beer out of this ceramic potty, you’ll be so close to home when those hops start making their way back up. Careful, though, it only holds 12 ounces. Please, like you’ve never wanted to wrap your lips around the object you use 9 times a day.

Where to buy:

Cost: $16.99

Ski/board tune

What it does: A tune-up is the perfect gift for your buddy who skis and rides hard every weekend and thus trashes his gear. It’s OK, that’s what toys are for — playing hard. But take care of your beloved board. Tuning includes a wax, grind and edge sharpening, and it’s essential for steezy performance. The techs at Boulder Ski Deals say they can fix just about everything, so do your hard-charging pal a favor for one of the multiple tunes Pal needs throughout the season.

Why it’s hot: Because core shots are not hot. Neither are rough and rusty edges, ew.

Where to buy: Boulder Ski Deals, 2525 Arapahoe Ave.

Cost: Pro tune (includes base repair) at BSD, $35

Chimp Crimps chalk bag

What it does: Other than draw attention? Crimp Chimps are chalk bags made out of cute critters. Boulder climber Jaime Bogardy sews chalk bags into stuffed animals of all kinds, from dinos to bunnies to Hello Kitty. Too cutesy? Bogardy has stitched a chalk bag into a shark’s mouth for previous clients. Whatever you want, she’ll turn it into a personalized chalk bag. And you get another choice: Find your own stuffed animal, and she’ll transform it, or leave it up to her to find the critter for you.

Why it’s hot: It’s cheeky and chalky, and it’s a creative way to bring good juju from your “power animal” to the crag.

Where to buy:

Cost: If you provide the animal, $20 for a chalk bag, $25 for a chalk pot; otherwise, $35 for bags, $40 for pots

Shelter frame protector

What it does: Shelter is basically tape-on-steroids for protecting your bike frame. But don’t mistake it for a duct-tape patch, or wrapping your chainstay in electrical tape. The material in Shelter is a shock-absorbent, memory foam-like material all wrapped into a thin layer of clear tape. Shelter is for all kinds of frames, but it’s made with carbon-fiber mountain bikes in mind. A strip of this stuff protects a carbon frame from wear and tear, like rocks smacking your down tube, and kills some chain-slap noise when applied to your chainstay. Plus, it goes on smooth over the various shapes your frame might have. Win.

Why it’s hot: Because everyone and their mom has a fancy-schmancy bike they want to protect and ride for a long time… unless you have a new one coming for Christmas.

Where to buy: Full Cycle bikes, 1795 Pearl Street or 1211 13th St.

Cost: $30

Chillin’ With My Gnomeys

What it does: It’s a shower and bath set with “Snow Globe” soap and “Whoosh” shower jelly wrapped in some awesome Gnome gift wrap.

Why it’s hot: Both the products are meant to “invigorate the senses” during those cold winter mornings when it’s hard to wake up. They both are scented on the “citrusy” side so they’re meant to wake up your brain and give a little boost during your morning shower. A great gift for anyone, guy or gal!

Where to buy: Lush Cosmetics, 1312 Pearl St. or

Cost: $14.95

Chi Air Flash Mini-Styler Ceramic Flat Iron

What it does: Straightens, or curls your hair with less heat so less damage.

Why it’s hot: It’s extremely portable with no cords to wrap up and the ceramic plates combat frizz and minimize the damage from heat. Who wouldn’t want to give the gift of frizz free, sleek, straight hair?

Where to buy:

Cost: $40.77

Lancome Juicy Tubes Holiday Set

What it does: Six different lip glosses in two different shade palettes.

Why it’s hot: It comes in either the “Sparkily Pink,” or “Shimmering Neutrals,” to tailor basically anyone’s color palette. Who doesn’t know someone that has an obsession with lip gloss? This would be the ultimate present for any “glossy gal!”

Where to buy: or try your local department stores that sell Lancome.

Cost: $29.50

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