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As I walk next to my brother, catching up on our way to lunch, I notice a bike on the same path as us.

I cautiously move to the side, pushing my brother off the path to make room for the girl in a skirt wobbling towards me. She attempts to slow her out-of-control bike, but unfortunately her college classes didn’t teach her how to properly stop on a bicycle.

Next thing I know she hits me, I have a throbbing pain in my side and she is on the ground. I turn around to see if she is OK. I endure a few moments of nonsense yelling from a girl on the ground, accusing me of throwing her off her bike. I apologize, for what I was not sure, and move on.

Two days later, my side is still bruised and that girl may or may not be still frantically riding about campus hitting innocent pedestrians. This is just one instance of many campus run ins with bikes, and frankly we’re tired of it.

In our time here at CU, our group members have all witnessed or been a part of accidents on campus as a result of reckless students who aren’t courteous and cautious of others. Because of this, our group has decided to form the group SACC — otherwise known as Students Advocating Campus Courtesy.

SACC’s mission will be to raise awareness surrounding campus safety and to provide an outlet for people to express their ideas on how to keep the Boulder campus accident free.

To accomplish this in a fun and simple way, we have put together a community Facebook group called Bike Safety on CU’s Campus. On this page, you will find an entertaining video as well as an outlet to express your own ideas.

As college students, we spend enough time on Facebook as it is, so we might as well spend a few minutes sharing and reading stories about past accidents and future ideas.

Kristyn Kellner, Carl Spillane and Jennifer Dailey

CU students