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What’s going on this weekend? It looks like big fat nothing.

Normally, this would pose a problem for the Ticklist. But at this time of the year, it’s freeing to have one less obligation.

So I’ll take the opportunity to advocate a weekend spent in full-on holiday denial. Shirk responsibility and play your ass off outside.

Start off your holiday denial by stopping at REI’s Garage Sale on Saturday, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., to buy something for yourself — no gifts for others.

The Garage Sale is for REI members only, which is probably all of you. But don’t wear your Members Only jacket.

Crickets? Oh kids. I’d say you’re lucky you missed ’80s fashion, but I’m a little wistful you don’t know the joy of parachute pants.

Anyway, if you’re not yet an REI member, have you’ve been living under a rock? No really, if you’ve been living under a rock, let’s talk — you must have an interesting story.

After buying yourself something (ripstop parachute pants?) at the Garage Sale, head somewhere to ski or snowboard. Saturday looks promising for powder, or at least a day of conditions good enough to make you regret those tickets home to Minneapolis for a week.

A-Basin’s looking good. The Montezuma Bowl still isn’t open , but a lot of the rest of the mountain is. I’ll be there with my skis, shreddy girlfriends and softshell parachute pants.

Saturday night, go to a party. Screen calls from your mom about which day you’re going to help bake gingerbread people and stop Dad from killing himself putting lights on the family homestead with too short of a ladder.

Sunday morning, run the Mesa Trail and miss a text from your sister about whether Aunt Carol is technologically ready for an iPod this Christmas.

Stop at Laughing Goat for anything but a peppermint mocha. Then head up Flagstaff for a bouldering sesh in the December sun — the Monkey Traverse and Y-Traverse both get afternoon sunshine.

Sunday night, quit being a lazy POS and start your Christmas list. For others, not yourself.

Gah. So selfish.

And call your mom. Cookies are good trail food, and a climber (you) should be on the roof with the lights, not your dad.

Jenn Fields’ Weekend Ticklist runs every Friday in the Colorado Daily.