Such a simple feel good as you pack and return home (one profound act with impacts that include: supporting equal rights and non-violence for women, bi-partisan U.S. policy, shared values placed on higher education, and advocacy for life-saving empowered conditions worldwide for children under the age of 15). It doesn’t get better than this!

Presently, three of your CU classmates are “lost girls from Sudan,” others in Boulder (the largest population of “lost girls” in the U.S.) ages 17-27 are learning their fourth language while working, attending community college and area GED or high school programs.

Micklena Kenyi, CU master’s student (and CU grad) as well as the executive director of Colorado Sudanese American Women, just received the 9 Who Cares Award this year ( for illuminating the widespread dislocation Southern Sudanese families have faced as well as genocide.

Please blog, make a call or write on our way home your senator or congressman to remind them to continue the U.S.’s leadership towards a comprehensive re-visioning of Sudan policy wise that supports “free elections” in this Jan. 9 referendum.

CU’s Office of Continuing Education, and many professors and deans, have joined in to assist the many community volunteers to assist these local Sudanese refugees.

These formerly “lost children” have made education and professionalism their priority so that they can give back to their re-united homeland and join their loved ones that have fled in far too many directions.

This blog, call, or written word to your senator or congressman is not simply to ask for “free elections” but to honor the resiliency of the human family and the happiness these members of our community continue to uphold in their day to day lives.

If we enjoy world music, or the underground regional influences referred to by the legends of conscious hip-hop and rap (which Colorado is known for hosting), we must give this shout out to our elected officials on our return home.

Your simple profound gesture engages one of John Lennon’s favorite sayings (“that when we dream alone, it is only a dream. When we dream together, it is a reality”).

Hope your finals went well.

And, finally, a shout out to BCAP for John Lennon’s recent art display, the vision of Thinking Outside the Box and the many volunteer supporters of CSAW, and 54 percent of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa that is under the age of 15!

Thomas Crane



It is amazing that the Democrats and Obama, who won in 2008 by demonizing the Bush tax cuts as only for the rich, are now proclaiming that we have to keep them to help the middle class. Isn’t relative truth amazing?

Someone once said that you are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts.

Here are some facts:

Fact: Kennedy led us out of recession with, you guessed it, TAX CUTS FOR EVERYONE!

Fact: The Carter administration drove us into recession with tax increases. Reagan cut the tax rates massively, which led to almost 20 years of sustained national prosperity. Specifically, the top rate went from 90 percent to 29 percent, and those people made the boom by investing in American business and private productivity.

Fact: The Clinton recession was caused by, yes again, increased taxes, which we came out of because of, yes again, the Bush tax cuts. They brought us out of recession almost immediately — and for 8 years we prospered.

Fact: Almost all economists not on the government’s payroll agree that booms are a result of investors and citizens investing in the economy far more productively then government bureaucrats and that is done with, yes again, TAX CUTS.

When you get past the left’s deception, misdirection and outright lies about history and facts, you see that they have no interest in freedom and liberty or prosperity. They are in the total control, subversion and subjugation business.

And that, too, is a fact!

David Cook


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