It’s not the drivers or the schedules that make me late (“Student Voice: Students at the mercy of RTD,” Dec. 15) — it’s selfish people crossing at every single crosswalk on Colorado Avenue.

No wonder bus drivers get on edge on cross-campus routes — every trip is filled with trying hard not to hit people absentmindedly crossing in front of their bus.

I’m not suggesting waiting for cars, but everyone on the bus is going to class, too, and is probably more late than you.

So I digress: Wait 5 seconds to cross the road if you see a bus approaching.

Steven Mangold

CU student


Mr. Obama, sir, it is not that I don’t genuinely like as well as admire you and your sincere cerebral appreciation of and approach to the geopolitical world, but I am now losing any hope of your having a concrete success with the no compromise to the point of insanity Tea Party Republicans.

I’m beginning to think the only Republicans that you are actually going to communicate and/or have any positive success with are those with the more “grown up” and more realistic perspective.

I’m thinking of the more pragmatic, responsible, moderate and positive Republicans like Colin Powell. And those unlikely but possible potential future heroes like Meagan McCain and her group of young Progressive Republicans, for example.

The yahoos from the right will, of course, attack your connecting so closely with Powell and try to distort it as a racial thing. In fact Rush Limbarf already did try this the first time you two met even before the election, if memory serves.

And rather than chase all the Republicans like high-school girls that rejected you and yet whose attention you’re still desperately determined to receive, no, enough is truly enough.

No sir, you do want to attract moderates, no doubt, but don’t you dare defy much less lecture those of us on out further on the left that are and have been your very heart and soul (as there is still such a thing as staying home) while you bend far too over for our tastes, catering to the most fickle whims of the right again either.

Again, no way.

Grant D. Cyrus



Our servicemen and women risk their lives to defend our freedom. The least we can do is provide them with the respect and encouragement they deserve.

In 1944, Congress passed the GI Bill and enabled a generation of young World War II veterans to pursue a college education and live the American Dream.

Today’s version of the GI Bill can do the same for our brave soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the Department of Education is considering a regulation that will make it harder for military students to enroll in important career college programs. Our soldiers deserve the opportunity to attend the school of their choice.

For years career colleges have led the way in providing flexible and innovative programs that prepare military students for the competitive job market. Career colleges offer veterans and servicemembers the no-nonsense, career-specific education they are looking for.

I stand with military students pursuing career colleges. It’s our duty to make sure their education choice is protected.

James Barrett


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