Hey, CU-Boulder fans:

Not being a Buff, rather an Orangeman from the ‘Cuse — Syracuse University — I just have a hard time wondering why your basketball teams play to like 50 or 60 people.

I am from the land of the Dome, where we pack in NCAA-record crowds of like 35,000 more. Sure we have snow, something you don’t seem to get in Boulder anymore. At last count we have already had 53 inches this fall.

Still, even with the big snows we get, we support our teams of winter — women and men’s teams — by frickin’ showing up at home games…duh.

I have never been to a city or lived near one that had a quality Division 1 program that doesn’t have a crowd… oh, wait a minute, I live in Denver, where DU and Metro State — with three NCAA Division 2 national championships — languish like they are playing fraternity league games with crowds of like 20 friends of the kids playing.

WTH is up with student support of their teams? You people seem to like to be challenged with what I don’t know. Look at any college or university in the nation… look at the men’s and women’s basketball crowds… amazing, right?… but not here in the Denver-metro area.

I mean, a season ticket for DU is $60. What? At the ‘Cuse, you can’t buy season tix. Oh, sure, it is the only thing to do in winter, and I know we won a national NCAA title, but we had sell-outs long before Carmelo helped his team win an NCAA title — oh, and we beat four Big (little) 12 teams on the way to the title.

So the question still is, Why don’t students come out and show their teams the support they deserve?

The issue is supporting your teams, nothing else! Go to a game and let the kids playing know their dang school is behind them, make them feel good about going to the same school as you!

Let the rest of the nation know we here in the high plains of Colorado support college athletes who work hard and play for the glory of schools along the Front Range. When our games are on the television, alumni and current students should feel so bad when the cameras show empty stands. The only ones cheering are announcers, other bench players and maybe sports writers who can’t cheer.

Students: Wake up and support your winter teams, go en masse to games, go with frats and sororities who love to party and make believe the game is a party, which it could be if people went, duh, what a concept.

If I am wrong, prove it — go to a game or two and then make it a season-long habit. You might enjoy a break from parties on the Hill and planning sessions for ski trips, dude.

The student athletes deserve more than you are giving, which by, ‘Cuse standards, is nothing… we get more people to practice than any teams here do for real games!

OK, prove me wrong — sell out just once and I will stand at center court and play a vuvuzela with your school song!

Jon Bowman lives in Denver.

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