From left, United States Ambassadors to Italy, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey.

Everybody wants to cash in on reality TV.

Last week, “Jersey Shore” headed into international waters, TV star Kelsey Grammer started a reality TV company and “Project Runway” stepped up its franchises.

“Jersey Shore” goes to Italy

Mamma Mia! The Jersey Shore crew’s ready to take a bite out of Italy.

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for a fourth season and the rowdy crew will be heading off to the mothership — a.k.a. Italy.

This scenario creates several interesting dilemmas.

Does “Jersey Shore” lingo translate into Italian? Will the guys get beat up for calling women grenades? And will there be enough tanning salons and gyms to satisfy this crew?

And here’s the big one — what kind of bar fights can you cause in Italy before you get sent to the slammer?

These questions will be answered when the new season of “Jersey Shore” airs in late 2011.

“Project Runway” spin-offs

“Project Runway” had to top last season’s fashion contest.

The 2010 contest showcased Denver designer and runner-up Mondo Guerro, and it offered “Project Runway’s” fiercest competition.

Host Heidi Klum’s now taking her franchise to the next level with two new spin-offs.

The first show’s called “Project Runway: Masters” and it will feature professional designers. Does this mean Guerro will be back to stake his “Project Runway” claim?

Klum’s also working on “Project Runway: Accessories.” That sounds about as exciting as “Top Chef: Desserts.”

Kelsey Grammer debuts reality TV company

Kelsey Grammer’s life is a soap opera, but he’s hooked on reality TV.

The actor had to sit through his soon-to-be ex-wife Camille’s reign of terror on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — and think about insane alimony payments.

Then, something clicked.

Last week, Grammer announced he was starting a reality TV company called G3. The actor will serve as producer for all the new shows he’s dreaming up.

Grammer has a solid track record on TV, and he’s produced the TV hits “The Medium” and “The Game.”

This reality move doesn’t have “Survivor” or “America Idol” producers shaking in their boots, but it’s interesting to see a Hollywood player dive into the genre.

Could this be a trend?

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