Shorter study abroad options entice CU-Boulder students
Shorter study abroad options entice CU-Boulder students

The University of Colorado’s Study Abroad Office more than doubled its short-term offerings this year, increasing student interest in their programs.

The office began adding programs after a 2009 State of the Campus address by Chancellor Phil DiStefano called for the expansion of study abroad. Because not all students are able to sacrifice an entire semester to traveling abroad, global seminars — a shorter, academic abroad program — became a popular option.

Sylvie Burnet-Jones, associate director of Study Abroad at CU oversees the global seminar programs — faculty-led topical courses that range from two to ten weeks and usually take place in the summer.

“We offered 12 programs last year,” Burnet-Jones said. “Now we have 26 and we’ve already tripled the number of students interested as well.”

Last year, nearly 100 students attended a global seminar through CU. As of Tuesday, more than 300 students had applied for one of the short-term programs, she said.

The program options vary from locations like China, Latin America, Europe and South Africa to topics including humanities, engineering, music and journalism. Among the current offerings are “Gender and Race in Post-Soviet Cuba” and “Contemporary Representations of Culture in East Asia,” which takes students to China and Japan.

Burnet-Jones said the seminars are convenient for students because they take place during the summer months or winter break and don’t cost as much as their semester-long equivalents.

CU junior Dominique Davis said he’s planning to spend a semester abroad but is considering a global seminar this summer to enhance his travel and academic experience.

“It’s really convenient because they’re in the summer and I was already thinking about going to Europe this summer anyway,” Davis said. “This would be a good way to start or end my travels and get a couple credits too.”