University of Colorado senior Shannon Solomon highly recommends hiking in the Flatirons.

Your turn

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Name: Shannon Solomon

Year: Senior

Major: Linguistics

Hails from: Fort Collins

Q: Have you ever done karaoke?

A: “Never done karaoke. I sing with my dad on stage though.”

Q: Best hiking spot in Boulder?

A: “Hiking the Flatirons is something you have to do.”

Q: What’s your ringtone right now?

A: “The Skrillex remix of ‘Hey Sexy Lady’ by iSquare.”

Q: Most hated book that you were forced to read?

A: “John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.”

Q: Choose: Being rich or being healthy.

A: “Healthy!”

Q: Athlete you’d most like to date?

A: “Tim Tebow.”

Q: Should Ronnie stay with Sammi?

A: “No! She’s crazy.”

Q: What do you do between classes?

A: “Safety meetings.”

Q: What’s your dream spring break vacation?

A: “I’m going scuba diving in Fiji this spring break, so that’ll do.”

Q: That 70’s Show dudes: Eric or Hyde?

A: “Hyde is much more interesting.”

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