University of Colorado student Spencer Fortier is studying international affairs.

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Name: Spencer Fortier

Year: Sophomore

Major: International affairs

Hails from: Littleton

Q: Has a book ever changed your life?

A: “‘Siddhartha.’ It gave me a different outlook on life and what is important to me.”

Q: Have you ever won anything?

A: “I won a silent auction to Heritage Square in elementary school.”

Q: Money: Spender, or saver?

A: “Definitely a saver.”

Q: If you could switch places with any celebrity, who would it be?

A: “Probably Brad Pitt. Great actor.”

Q: Best burger in Boulder?

A: “This is Boulder … it’s bad to eat animals.”

Q: Have you ever had a hot teacher?

A: “Yes, it was Mrs. Schanker in second grade. Could never forget her.”

Q: Has a song ever made you cry?

A: “Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby.’ One of the worst songs I have ever heard — I had to cry!”

Q: Ever wear cologne?

A: “Not usually, but when I do it’s Cool Water.”

Q: Coolest superpower?

A: “Infinite knowledge or being able to fly.”

Q: Do you know what a “grenade whistle” is?

A: “It’s a horn that the Jersey Shore uses when someone is hooking up with a grenade? I think it’s funny just because of how often that horn should be used.”

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