• Interpol's got a brand-new look.



If you go

Who: Interpol with School of Seven Bells

When: 8 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.

Cost: $38.50-$40.50


It’s a brave new world in the music industry and the rules are changing every day.

That’s why Interpol‘s taking a proactive approach to promoting its new music. The band recently went through a major lineup change and rebooted its game plan.

Interpol invited new players to join the road show, offered free music downloads with tickets, created new formats to sell its latest CD — and convinced “Saturday Night Live’s” Fred Armisen to appear in a new video.

Now the band’s ready to hit the road. Tuesday, Interpol shows off its new lineup and songs at the Boulder Theater.

“Playing in Interpol is in our blood,” guitarist Daniel Kessler said. “We’ve always been a band that moves forward, and the new record shows how experienced we’ve become as a band.

“We’ve comfortable with what we’ve accomplished, but we always like to incorporate progressive new sounds and artistically move beyond what we’ve done.”

Interpol’s also learned to bounce back from life’s obstacles.

Last year, the rock outfit changed up its sound and dealt with a major personnel change. Long-time bassist Carlos Dengler left the band, so Interpol had to revamp.

The band lucked out and picked up Brandon Curtis (Secret Machines) on keyboards and David Pajo (Tortoise) on bass to play the live shows.

“Things obviously changed when Carlos left the band,” Kessler said. “Now we’re fortunate to be playing this amazing music with Brandon and David.

“We now have two lead singers and really good musical chemistry. It’s comfortable playing with these musicians and it’s a tight band. We’re working on the shows as this band unit — and we’ll take it one step at a time.”

The tight Interpol army’s ready to tackle its new tunes.

Interpol’s newest record is self-titled and came out in late 2010. The ambitious album’s filled with textured sound layers and progressive orchestrations.

“This record had a lot of new elements,” Kessler confirmed. “From the inception of the writing, we had more orchestration and keyboards.

“We made a record that we had to spend some time with — and that’s not popular in this ADHD age. Ultimately, you have to make something that motivates you.”

Interpol wanted to change things up for this project, so the group explored uncharted musical turf.

“This is definitely our most diverse and varied record,” Kessler said. “We hit so many new keyboard and orchestral sounds. Paul (Banks) even stepped up the vocals and found new ways to express himself.

“Paul worked hard on the lyrics and I think we made something quite interesting. This is a record that grows with you — you have to build a relationship with it.”

Interpol was satisfied with the tunes, but the band wanted to find new ways to get the music to fans.

“Our fans are tremendous,” Kessler confirmed. “We can play anywhere and they’re ready to be there for us in a moment.”

For starters, Interpol initiated free music downloads for this tour. Fans can buy pre-sale tickets and score three downloads from select albums. In addition, the band came up with three options for ordering its new record. Fans can opt for a digital download, get a CD/download package or a vinyl/download package.

And yes, “SNL’s” Armisen appears in the newest band video. Interpol released a three-song video from a NYC show and the comedian stepped in to introduce the tunes.

In the end, Interpol prefers to rock audiences with its dynamic live shows.

“We’re looking forward to going to Boulder,” Kessler said. “We’re about playing really good live shows and creating an atmosphere.

“There will be new music, lights and the dynamics of an actual performance. We always want to keep this thing creative in a live setting.”

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