FaceMan's throwing a big, local-scene-soaked CD release party.
FaceMan’s throwing a big, local-scene-soaked CD release party.

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Who: FaceMan CD release party with special guests

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Where: Bluebird Theater, 3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Cost: $10.

www. bluebirdtheater.net

FaceMan isn’t just a band — it’s an entertainment experience.

The Denver group combines elements of music, theatrics and art into its unique shows. This band sports a 200-pound statue on its stage and creates videos for every song.

That’s not enough for this band. Friday, FaceMan’s bringing 30 local musicians to rock its CD release party at the Bluebird.

Guitarist/vocalist Steve Bailey wanted Daily readers to know more about FaceMan and its 5280 Live CD.

Q: What is FaceMan?

A: FaceMan basically evolved over the past few years. It’s a combination of original music and an original delivery of that music.

The music’s pretty accessible and simple, and we try to keep the shows very entertaining.

Q: What theatrical elements has the band added to its shows?

A: It started off pretty crazy. I was this character that had my face covered by a mask.

We also show streaming videos. We make our own videos and we play them along with every song. We use public domain footage — like old cartoons and silent films.

They’re pretty weird, but fun.

And we just had an artist create a 200-pound, stainless steel sculpture that stands eight feet tall. We have it on stage and it always creates an element of surprise at the shows.

These are just more ways for people to experience the project.

Q: Why did you fuse these unique elements into the show?

A: Basically, it was my brainchild.

When I started playing, I realized that audiences can get bored, so I wanted to think of something exciting we could do.

FaceMan is made to entertain, be fun and dramatic.

Q: What kind of music did you create to go along with this show?

A: Our songs are singer-songwriter based. They’re short songs with lyrical melodies that carry the sound.

The songs have an upbeat feel, but the lyrics are a bit darker. We also can get louder and rock. We’re pretty diverse.

We also bring in horns, a string section and guest artists. There are a lot of options with our music.

It’s a unique sound, but it’s really powerful and dynamic.

Q: What’s the new CD like and what’s planned for the 5280 Live release party?

A: We’re all about getting the music out, so we’re having our official record release Friday at the Bluebird.

This new CD has a lot of really solid, catchy songs. There’s some elements of folk, indie and harder rock. It’s all original music, and its unique and something different.

We’re really proud of it! We want people to know that we’ve worked hard to put out a high quality record.

The show’s going to be pretty crazy — we invited all these bands to share the experience with us.

We’re going to have over 30 guests coming out to perform with us. That includes members of Slim Cessna, Bop Skizzum, The Knew and the Boulder Acoustic Society.