Faux Punk
Faux Punk

If you go

Who: Faux Punk with Human Agency

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 2032 14th St.

Cost: $15

www. foxtheatre.com

Everybody loves the real deal, so the mysterious members of Faux Punk created the ultimate Daft Punk tribute show.

Daft Punk is an international electro act known for its pulsating beats, costumes and visual effects. The band rarely tours, so Faux Punk was formulated to give fans a taste of the real thing.

Carefully shrouding their real DJ identities, the members of Faux Punk capture all the elements of a Daft Punk concert and bring the event to select venues.

Boulder gets to witness the Faux Punk experience at the Fox tonight.

“We formed Faux Punk after seeing a Daft Punk concert in Brooklyn,” DJ Jason G. said. “We were impressed with the live performance, but we wanted to see how you could expand the electronic show.

“We thought it would be something to create a glimmer of that beauty.”

The Faux Punk members are established DJs, but they decided to remain anonymous for this project.

“We are DJs that perform under different names,” DJ Jason G. confirmed. “We were originally only going to perform one show for a Daft Punk release party.

“The response was phenomenal and we got offers to perform all over the country. People are into it, because they want to hear great dance music.”

Faux Punk’s aim is to generate the excitement and visual effects of a Daft Punk show.

“Daft Punk doesn’t tour a lot, so people are very hungry to hear their music,” Jason G. said. “We put on a solid performance that recreates the experience.

“We use the same equipment and we create as much as we can from the Alive tour. We wear the helmets, we have a pyramid we hope to reveal at the Fox — and we have great video projections.”

Daft Punk got a new lease on life with its “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack. There’s an upsurge in the band’s popularity and that’s boosting Faux Punk’s status, too.

Naturally, Faux Punk’s including the “Tron” music in its shows.

“We’re really trying to pay respect to DJs we admire,” Jason G. said. “Daft Punk hasn’t officially sanctioned us, but we hope we have their blessing. We do this out of love for their band.”

Faux Punk only performs for special occasions and Boulder made the cut.

“Our live show is a great party,” Jason G. said. “This is music you know and love. This is a very different — there aren’t many tribute electro bands.”


Moe.’s been playing its brand of progressive and psychedelic rock for 20 years, and the outfit’s still a viable force on the jam scene.

The band has a solid Colorado fanbase, but moe.’s playing smaller Friday and Saturday shows at the Ogden.

“The last time we played Colorado was for last year’s Fillmore show,” guitarist Al Schnier said. “We’ve been doing this for 20 years, and we always tweek the music and keep it fresh.”

Moe.’s music is constantly evolving, but the band stays true to its classic rock roots.

“We use all the stuff we grew up on like psychedelic rock, but we also have this progressive element,” Schnier said. “There’s also a very American element to our music. We touch on a lot of things.

“We have a sense of humor about our music. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we enjoy what we do.”

Fans will be happy to hear about the new moe. record. The group’s been test-driving the new songs on the road.

“We have 18 new songs we’re working on,” confirmed Schnier. “We’ve been recording them during our shows, so there’s a possibility of either a live or studio album.

“We’re not confined to any label, so we can make up our own rules. We’ve been doing that all along and it works well for us.”

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