Phil Meier catches some late-afternoon air in a couloir in Gudauri in 'Wintervention,' which shows at the University of Colorado tonight.
Phil Meier catches some late-afternoon air in a couloir in Gudauri in ‘Wintervention,’ which shows at the University of Colorado tonight.

Everything on this weekend’s Ticklist is happening tonight, so you’ll have to choose your own adventure.

Somewhat related: I’m going to choose my own adventure by bailing on Boulder for warmer climes this weekend. But my usual Boulder lovefest will resume after my wintervention.

Coincidentally (not at all), that’s the title of the latest Warren Miller flick … though I don’t think the WM staff had climbing in Texas in mind when they came up with that title. If you didn’t see it at the Boulder Theater last fall, you can see “Wintervention” again for a mere five-spot and help out some student athletes at CU, too.

Tonight’s showing is a fundraiser for the CU softball team , which is currently 9 and 1 on the season. Showing the latest Miller movie has become the team’s biggest fundraiser for getting the gals to nationals every spring. Plus, if you go you’ll get a coupon for a buy-one, get-one lift ticket to Copper Mountain or Winter Park.

I’d say that makes choosing this adventure a home run, but that’s even cheesier than saying I need a wintervention.

Info: 7 p.m. Friday, Math 100, CU campus; $5 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the UMC, $8 at the door.

Fast Fridays

Boulder Indoor Cycling recently started a series of track races (and other entertainment, see below) on the first Friday night of the month.

If you choose this adventure, you get to quaff Dale’s Pale Ale for $5 as you watch some uber-fast track racing at the velodrome.

That other entertainment? A CycleTykes race during the intermission. This could be the cutest thing you see all weekend. (Especially since Redhead Writing stopped posting photos of very small animals on Facebook on a regular basis. The tiny bunnies slay me.)

If you’ve never seen track racing, you’re missing out. The control, muscle and bike-handling skills these guys and gals exhibit is truly impressive. And though I’d never, ever wish any racer harm, I have to say that the crashes are spectacularly upsetting on a track.

I’ve seen many a cyclist wipe out in a tight corner in a criterium. I’ve seen a lot of road rash resulting from bike races (and cleaned it out of swaths of my husband’s skin, ew). But there’s nothing quite like the sound of a big guy with even bigger quadriceps going down on the velodrome boards still attached to his bike.

It echoes.

The best part? The cheers from the crowd when the crash-ee bravely rises and limps off the track with pieces of his bike in his hands.

Info: 7 p.m. Friday;

Artsy Fridays

Maybe you’re still thawing out from the week and don’t want to venture outdoors yet. So choose an adventure that brings the outdoors in — or at least, it brings outdoor photography, mostly landscapes, in.

Local photographer Peter Stout ‘s work will be on display at the Boulder Prana store for First Friday Art .

It’s warm inside, looking at the outdoor photography.

Info: 6 to 8 p.m. Friday;