Boulder is the town that keeps on giving with so many places to spend your time. From University Hill to Chautauqua Park there is always somewhere to go when you have free time. Throughout the year I have spent an ample amount of time experiencing Boulder’s hot spots and what they have to offer. One place, which I have realized is truly a unique addition to my life at CU, is only a short bus ride away, Pearl Street.

The gorgeous walking mall flaunts a variety of useful shops, entertaining street performers, tasty restaurants, and some hopping bars. All these things create for a perfect place for both students and adults to visit.

Something I always look for when I enter a new area is character. If the town has no character its hard to fall in love with your home. What makes a place extraordinary are often the little things. In Pearl Street’s case it’s the red brick walkway with the strategically placed trees and flowers. Add in a rock playground for kids to play on along with fountains that shoot water up on a hot day and these are the small things that create something that’s both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

A Friday night on Pearl Street is certainly a sight to see. You have performers strumming their guitars while singing their hearts out in hopes of catching someone’s eye. There are people everywhere going in and out of the shops with appealing ice cream cones in their hands and shopping bags around their wrists. Then there are the young college students with love on their minds and alcohol in their system. They are bouncing around the bars laughing and creating a playful environment to the already lively street. Meanwhile old friends are catching up at one of the many quality restaurants while swapping stories from their trip to Europe. All of these features create a contagious atmosphere that calls all outsiders to join the party.

Fortunately for Colorado students, Pearl Street is extremely accessible with most of the buses in town taking you there. The University Hill is spectacular and life at Colorado wouldn’t be the same without it however Pearl offers a nice getaway from the CU campus and once you arrive its easy to forget that you are only a couple minutes away from the place you call home. Sure, the restaurants are little more expensive and the stores a tad higher-class but everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while, plus it’s a great way to impress your date. I encourage all students to make their way to Pearl Street one day if they haven’t been in a while and experience something special.

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