It`s Valentine`s Day, but don`t worry if you don`t have a date. There`s plenty of reality TV news to keep you entertained.

Besides, after watching shows like “The Bachelor,” being single might look pretty good.

‘American Idol` Colorado

Colorado definitely represents in the world of reality TV. We`ve had winners on everything from “Top Chef” to “America`s Next Top Model.”

Now three local singers are duking it out for the “American Idol” title. The talent contest just cut 159 hopefuls during its first week in Hollywood.

The show`s keeping the finalist list pretty tight, but it looks like Denver`s Julie Zorilla and University of Colorado-Boulder music student, Casey Abrams, are still in the running.

CU confirmed that Abrams had been taking classes in Boulder, but declined to say if he was still enrolled. The music student`s been getting a lot of “American Idol” airtime. And judge Jennifer Lopez has been gushing over Zorilla.

Littleton`s Emma Henry made it to Hollywood, but there`s no word if she survived the talent cut.

This week, “American Idol” axes another crop of contestants.

‘X Factor`s` Show

Me the Money

Short on cash? Simon Cowell`s offering $5 million to the winner of his new “X Factor.”

Hell, I`d get up and sing for $5 million — and trust me, that wouldn`t be pretty.

The former “American Idol” judge is also creating new contest rules for the “X Factor.”

Contestants will have to audition for judges and 5,000 audience members. Plus, there`s no age limit for the performers. That means you could potentially have Susan Boyle go up against Justin Bieber. Actually, that`s a scary thought.

Is “American Idol” up for the challenge?

‘Real Housewives` boot

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are broke — and they`re willing to do anything to get back on reality TV.

Last week, the ditzy couple asked to be recruited for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2.”

Bravo exec and “Watch What Happens” host, Andy Cohen, fired back by saying, “Professionally, I`m not supposed to discuss any negotiations so I have to parse my words here. That trash is delusional and I would sooner stab … knives into my own eyes than see her on this network.”


Bad ‘Bachelor`

“Bachelor” Brad Womack is learning that karma will bite you on the ass.

Womack`s ex-girlfriend Laurel Kagay just announced that “The Bachelor” proposed — before filming this season`s episodes! Isn`t this guy supposed to be single before he goes around handing out roses?

Now Kagay wants the girls on the show to know the truth. I bet Womack`s Valentine`s Day is going to suck.

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