Juno What? brings the party like the Motet, the band from whence it came.

If you go

Who: Juno What? With Good Gravy

When: 9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.

Cost: $10

www. foxtheatre.com

Juno What?

Juno What? is hosting its CD release party at the Fox tonight. The local band’s ready to show off its new electro funk tunes and get Boulder moving.

The local act features Joey Porter, Dave Watts and Steve Watkins. The trio’s a spin off from The Motet, and it churns out a pulsating blend of 80’s dance grooves and contemporary electro beats.

“We’ve been doing this since 2008,” keyboardist Joey Porter said. “Dave and I played a lot, but we wanted to start a side-project. We wanted to do something funky that was on the dance side of things.

“This has always been my thing, since I started playing music. I really like making people dance.”

Juno What? brings a lot of musical elements to the table, but it all creates one big dance party vibe.

“This is funk, disco and retro meets the future,” Porter explained. “We definitely work with post disco sounds from ’79-’83. We use vintage instruments, but we mix all these sounds with newer electronic music.”

Juno What? is the perfect music vehicle for these band members, as it lets them travel and play music.

“The Motet doesn’t really travel now,” Porter said. “Because Juno What? is a trio, we can fly out and do dates around the country.

“We’ve already done the West Coast, Oregon and Washington. We’re hoping to do the East Coast, too.”

The electronic music scene morphs and grows every day. That’s why Juno What? is changing up its song structures and experimenting with musical genres.

“We’re really expanding our sounds,” Porter said. “We started out with jams, but now we have shorter songs with hooks.

“Our new album, Shameless, came out a few weeks ago. You can download it for free. That seems to be the paradigm — if more people listen to your music, they’re more likely to come to your shows.”

Porter says the new CD has all the elements fans expect from Juno What?, but the outfit’s thrown in a few surprises, too.

“This record definitely has all the elements of dance and disco,” Porter revealed. “But it still has old school funk and house. We call it electro funk.

“We’re also using talk boxes for most of our vocals, so the music’s less instrumental. It’s like this singing robot sound. We’re hoping this record lets us play more dates and expands our fan base.”

Juno What? has a fun-filled, two-hour set planned for Boulder. This band doesn’t know the meaning of short shows — and that’s a very good thing!

“We’re planning on playing an extra-long set at the Fox,” Porter said. “We’re almost like a DJ, because we don’t ever stop between songs! It gets to where we don’t stop all night.

“We’re getting ready for a busy 2011. We’re going to do more traveling and we want to write another album by the end of the year.”

Here’s some more Fox Theatre news: SOJA is a very hot reggae/rock and hip-hop outfit. That’s why the band sold out its Friday show at the Fox.

You can still get tickets to Saturday’s Mountain Standard Time’s CD release/Mardi Gras party at the Fox.

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