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N ame: Audie Streetman

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political science and broadcast news

Hails from: Parker, Colo.

Q: Who`s your favorite “Sex and the City” lady?

A: “I guess Sarah Jessica Parker because she`s the main character, but I don`t watch it much.”

Q: Have you ever broken anything expensive?

A: “I`ve almost broken stuff for broadcasting in the ATLAS building, but nothing yet.”

Q: Favorite restaurant on Pearl Street?

A: “The Cheesecake Factory.”

Q: Which do you rely more on: sleep or caffeine?

A: “Sleep.”

Q: When it comes to shoes, do you go for comfortable or fancy?

A: “Comfortable, I`m too tall for heels.”

Q: What`s your biggest fear?

A: “I really don`t like heights.”

Q: What`s your most recent favorite song?

A: “I like Taylor Swift, so anything she comes out with. No song particularly.”

Q: If you could learn any language what would you learn?

A: “Italian. I think it`s a cool language. I already know French and they seem similar because they`re both romantic languages.”

Q: What`s your Facebook status right now?

A: “I don`t have one. I don`t really do that that often.”

Q: Your favorite article of clothing you own?

A: “Hoodies, or really anything warm right now since it`s winter.”

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