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ABCclimbing001.jpg Team ABC athlete Margo Hayes, 12, climbs a difficult route on the climbing wall during practice on Friday, Feb. 4, at The Spot Bouldering Gym on Prairie Avenue in Boulder. Jeremy Papasso/ Camera

Now that I’m back from my climbing trip in Texas, I’m excited to do Boulder things — stuff I couldn’t do in and around El Paso.

Like go skiing. Or walk away from my car without wondering whether someone will break in and steal my crash pad and (pungent) climbing shoes.

If you steal climbing shoes — this happened to friends — a heinous fungal infestation is surely in your karmic future.

I do miss the $3.95 deshebrada burritos the size of my arm, though. They were worth the risk of stolen, smelly shoes.

Anyway, I might restart the Colorado lovefest with barbecue and New Belgium beer at Eldora this weekend.

Although, between barbecue, beer and the Boulder Blues Mafia playing for après at the Corona Bar from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, I might still feel dislocated — I grew up on grilled baby-back ribs in Missouri and learned to love beer at a blues bar in college there.

You don’t eat barbecue or listen to the blues in ski pants back in MO. But this is Colorado. We do everything in ski pants.


Eldora is also hosting another full-moon Nordic ski or snowshoe Saturday night from 5 to 8. No one will see the sauce on your ski pants. Or that you’re sauced on Fat Tire.


Run, run (from k00gz)

This winter I’ve decided to follow an adage from “Real Genius” — I only run when chased.

But a lot of you like to run, even when not chased by cougars. Or k00gz (friend’s approved spelling for older women chasing younger men).

Run from k00gz and go see “Running Wild,” a panel discussion and presentation on long-distance running with Christopher McDougall, author of the bestseller “Born to Run.”

If you haven’t heard of McDougall’s book, crawl out from under the rock. I want in. There’s good climbing nearby.

“Born to Run” is about the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, who run way more and way faster than you, even when you’re trying to escape k00gz.

Local ultrarunning stars Anton Krupicka and Scott Jurek, who is in McDougall’s book, are also on the panel. Ask anything and everything you ever wanted to know about ultrarunning, all while supporting the Center for Energy and Environmental Security’s Energy Justice projects.

Not sure questions on being chased by k00gz will be welcome. Meow.

Info: $8; 7 p.m. tonight, Wittemyer Courtroom, University of Colorado Law School;

Junior crushers

The American Bouldering Series national championships continue this weekend for the kiddos.

Aw. Cute little crushers.

They probably climb way harder than you, but they’re so cute you’ll forget to feel bad about how weak you are — you’ll just be amazed.

Info: Juniors semi-finals Saturday, finals Sunday; competition venue is at 3550 Frontier Ave;

Winter skillz

One more thing I should mention — Community Cycles is hosting a winter cycling workshop Saturday morning.

I’m trying to give you a subtle hint that I’m tired of your bike-ninja tactics. Get a freaking light. I don’t want to run you over.

But if you forgot your light that one time because you were trying to escape a k00g, it’s OK.

Info: 10 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday; $10; register at

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