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One staple in my life has always been attending school, and for 12 long years I woke up before 7 a.m. screaming inside that I had to be up so early. Throughout my high school years my teachers were always making comments about how certain things “won’t fly in college,” which always made the whole class nervous.

Then graduation came and went, my cap was thrown in to the air and summer flew by and next thing I knew it I was on a plane flying nonstop to Denver. That plane ride was one of the most anxious I have ever been as I was waiting to start a completely new rung on the ladder of my life. As I waited to start my ascent I started thinking of all the days my teacher complained about certain actions that would cause me to fail in college. All these lessons seemed so long ago and insignificant at the moment; I just wanted to figure it out on my own.

My first day of classes is still one of my clearest memories from my time at CU thus far. The night before I could hardly sleep and while I was tossing and turning I started to wonder what the major differences were going to be between my time in high school and at this challenging university.

The next morning I woke up bright and early, but way past seven, thankfully, and got ready for class. The whole dynamic of going to school ends when you get to college. For most of us freshman leaving the dorms and walking replaces yellow school buses and the tedious process of scraping frost off our cars at seven in the morning. As I walked to class I saw students walking in massive groups like a swarm of mosquitoes and saw the enormous size of CU for the first time.

It was incredible to see so many people with their own agenda in mind as they biked, swerved around on a longboard, or walked to class. For some unlucky people who are running late for class they have to resort to sprinting threw thick crowds of people in order to make it in time. You always feel bad for these people and swear you will never be one of them but pressing the snooze button feels just a little too good some days.

Classes at Colorado vary in size and my schedule had a great mix of large lectures along with small intimate classes. For example my biggest class is over 300 while my smallest class has 12 students. With such variety it’s easy to pick a schedule that works for you so that you feel comfortable in your classes. The work in college requires you to stay on task and during this modern world the use of the Internet is obviously prevalent.

In fact one of the biggest differences thus far has been the introduction of CU Learn, which many teachers use to run their entire class off of, including posting the readings there instead of a textbook. This new way of learning which requires you to check the CU Learn website each day and often post assignments and discussions took some adjusting to but now it acts as an easy way to check for homework or readings in case you forgot.

College brings a lot to the table but we are all here to receive an education and hopefully have some fun along the way. The experience in the classes definitely took getting used to because college is a whole different animal than high school. However with hard work and determination there are rewards in the future.

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