Jeremy Papasso
CU freshman dancer Haylie Harwood stretches her legs in front of a mirror Thursday during the Buff Gold Dance Team s practice at the Bear Creek Recreation Center in Boulder.

After practicing five days a week for the last two months, the University of Colorado’s Buff Gold Dance Team will travel to Southern California this weekend to compete in the United Spirit Association Collegiate Championships.

The championships will be held Saturday and Sunday, and the team will perform in the hip-hop and open jazz categories. What makes the trip an accomplishment, though, is the fact that the team’s coach, Tasia Scott, is a student.

The girls are responsible for every aspect of being a CU club sports team; they do all their own fundraising, scheduling and planning. Not to mention, they practice five days a week for several hours.

“We can be that much more proud that we did it all ourselves,” said co-captain Kayla O’Gorman.

Many of the teams they will compete against this weekend are fully sponsored and professionally coached. But during the event, the Buff Gold Dance team will have a chance to showcase its dedication.

“We’ve all been working so hard and we’re at each others throats every night,” said Laura Nass, who recently rebounded from an ankle injury.

“At the end of the day, we all hug it out though,” added senior Tasia Scott.

This is the second year in a row that the Buff Gold Dance team has made the trip to nationals. The team became an entirely student-run organization just three years ago, and this weekend will be the first time it has competed in the hip-hop category.

After rehearsing for so long, this weekend’s competition is rather short. All of the team’s hard work will be over in just a few short performances.

“We’ve worked so hard since August, and then, it’s over in two days,” said co-captain O’Gorman.

“It’s bittersweet,” added dancer Stephanie Anderson. “It’s exciting that we’re finally there because we’ve worked so hard for this, but then, we won’t have nationals to work for until next year.”

After a trip on Monday to Disneyland, the team can start looking to next year and start listening to some different music. The dancers have been listening to the same two songs during rehearsals for the last couple months.

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