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Paleo plays Astroland at a show last year.
Courtesy photo
Paleo plays Astroland at a show last year.

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Who: Astroland

Where: 4415 N. Broadway, Boulder


Astroland is not your typical Boulder nightspot.

The multi-purpose space was set up to provide a laid-back environment to network and appreciate the arts. This is the place where locals can see underground music, be part of artistic events, watch films and get to know other people in the community.

Astroland’s heading into its second year of operations and the venue plans to host several events a month.

Justin Forthuber is one of Astroland’s co-owners and he talked to the Daily about this innovative venue.

Q: Why did you and your friends create Astroland?

A: We wanted to create a space for events and a place for our own ideas to come to fruition.

We wanted to build something from the ground up and to have a space to create in. We’re making progress all the time and putting together more solid ideas.

Q: What makes the Astroland space such a unique experience?

A: It’s unique, because this is a place where you can just hang out. It’s like being in our living room.

You can be face to face with artists in the stage area. Everybody’s always interacting and there’s lots of interesting people.

Q: What kinds of events can locals find at Astroland?

A: This is a multi-purpose space.

We have local and national musicians, and we also have movie showings. We have interactive installation pieces and we do poetry readings.

Part of our vision is to use this space to get people together for interesting events, where we can communicate and share ideas.

Q: Why is Astroland the missing link on the Boulder entertainment scene?

A: When you go out, you don’t always want to think about getting drunk at some bar or party. You might want to do something more thoughtful than go to a loud bar — and Astroland is a different experience.

This is a more interactive experience and it’s largely about the atmosphere. This is a place where people can come to hang out and it’s usually a small crowd.

Astroland provides a certain intimate space for people to get to know each other. People really listen to the artists here and get engrossed in the music.

Q: What kinds of musical genres can be found at Astroland?

A: We have hip-hop, DJs, electronic music, ambient, experimental noise, garage rock and punk.

We’re really open-minded to all kinds of music. We want to see someone doing something different.

We do get responses from all kinds of artists and we do about four shows a month. We don’t want to burn out on this space and we want to keep the events fresh.

Q: What do you see happening in Astroland’s future?

A: This may not be something that lasts forever, but it is something we’re doing right now.

We got the experience to build this from the ground up and we can use this to pursue projects in the future.

We’re just taking this day by day, but we will definitely be doing this the rest of the year.

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