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Rose Hill Drive
Rose Hill Drive

If you go

Who: Rose Hill Drive, The Swayback and West Water Outlaws

When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: CU’s Glenn Miller Ballroom

Cost: $12-$17


It’s going to be a rocking week, because Rose Hill Drive and the Cold War Kids are bringing their new music to Colorado.

Saturday, Rose Hill Drive plays a special show at CU’s Glenn Miller Ballroom. Then, the Cold War Kids show off their soul punk sounds at the Ogden on Tuesday.

Are you ready to rock?

Rose Hill Drive

Boulder’s Rose Hill Drive has talent and determination. That’s a very powerful combination in the music industry. The band recently played its New Year’s shows at the Fox — and then cranked out a brand new album.

It’s been awhile since Rose Hill Drive’s played CU, so the rockers are hitting the Glenn Miller Ballroom on Saturday.

“Since our New Year’s Eve shows, we’ve been writing and recording the new album,” drummer Nate Barnes said. “We went into the studio the first two weeks in February. Now all we need to do is mix it.

“It’s a lot of the songs we’ve been playing live for the past few months.”

Now that Rose Hill Drive’s a quartet, the band had a lot of extra power and talent to create its new project.

“This new record is pretty raw with two guitars,” Barnes said. “The music’s pretty straight up and it sounds like the next evolution of the band.

“I think the songs and melodies are stronger, and the instrumentation’s kicked up a notch. This sounds fresher, hipper, better and more unique.”

Rose Hill Drive fans can check out two new tunes at

RHD’s now pumped and ready to play CU.

“We’ve been out of the game for awhile, so we thought it would be a good idea to get in front of the student body again,” Barnes said. “That was a big help when we started out and played a show on Farrand Field.

“We’re going to put together our best set of material for Saturday’s show and we’re really excited to play. There are definitely some tunes no one’s ever heard us play before.”

Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids always put on powerhouse shows filled with their very cool blend of soul and punk.

The band’s been off the Colorado radar for awhile, but Tuesday the Cold War Kids rock the Ogden.

“We’ve been busy recording and putting out a new album,” vocalist Nathan Willett said. “Our first two albums were done really quick and spontaneous, so we spent a lot more time on this one.

“We wanted to do something new, experiment and see where we landed. Now we have a lot more layering with our sounds — and we put more emphasis on the vocals to make them really powerful.”

In addition, the Cold War Kids created insightful lyrics for their new CD, Mine Is Yours.

“In the past, a lot of our songs were fictional narratives,” Willett said. “For this one, we spent more time on the lyrics. We wanted these lyrics to be more personal and intimate.

“We wanted the lyrics to be a deeper look at relationships. Our new single’s called ‘Louder Than Ever,’ and it’s direct and catchy. It’s about being inspired to do what you want to do.”

Al Loughlin’s Return to Boulder

Samples’ keyboardist Al Loughlin is hitting town to record a new album, so he’ll be playing a couple of select Boulder shows.

Saturday, Loughlin plays a 2 p.m. set at Albums on the Hill. Sunday, the musician and his friends hit the downtown Lazy Dog.

Troubadours Collective

Tonight, members of the Troubadours Collective join forces at the Fox.

This edition of the series features sets by Dechen Hawk, Ramaya Soskin, Supercollider, Paper Stars and more.

“For over five years running, the Troubadour events have been a songwriter’s showcase for Boulder and Denver artists,” Soskin said. “It’s all about community and coming together to share music, art and friendship.”

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