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Welcome to March Madness — the month in which you ski and ride like a mad mofo because the season is going to end soon.

I know, Debbie Downer, right? But it’s reality. The ski season will end (at resorts). Your powder days are numbered.

Don’t worry, sad panda, we’ll celebrate corn-skiing season soon.

But think pow while you still can. In fact, you should be out skiing or snowboarding right now. The Colorado Powder Forecast calls for freshies this Friday morning .

Still here? OK I’ll keep writing.

Tuesday looks like a better day, though, says the CPF. So plan now to be, ahem sniff, sick Tuesday morning, mad mofo.


Rest like a frozen dead guy

There’s nothing outdoorsy about Frozen Dead Guy Days . No snowboarding. No climbing. No mountain biking up the road to Brainard Lake with your skis on your back for a ski mountaineering adventure on Mount Toll. (Do that in May.)

But even though I just said you should be counting your ski days, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest that you head to Nederland on Saturday — when the coffin races are running and the icy turkey bowling is slammin’ and the polar plunge is, uh, plunging (?) — for some totally absurd fun in the fresh mountain air and sunshine.

Three reasons you should consider doing this instead of going to Keystone:

-This only happens once a year, but your pal Brett brags after every half-pipe run at least 15 weekends a year.

-The drive (with Brett and his spray) is shorter.

-There’s a beer tent. And two beers in, you have the guts to tell Brett to STFU.

If you must, you could always head to Eldora first, or backcountry ski or snowshoe somewhere off the Peak to Peak Highway first. But before you decide, ask yourself: WWGBD? (What Would Grandpa Bredo Do?)

Speculating, but I think he would chillax in the polar plunge. And de-friend Brett.



The road-racing season is here!


Saturday’s Frostbite Time Trial (in Fort Collins) is one of the first road-races on the Front Range for the season.

Those of you who have been training like fiends are pretty psyched right about now.

The rest of you are panicked that you’re not in race shape yet.

The rest of you could follow the adage: race to train, train to race. Might as well get on it — the CU cycling team’s first race in Boulder is this month.


Spring Fling

Spring break is only two weeks away! Yay! Except it’s too late to decide to be a do-gooder and go to one of those alternative breaks where you help humanity or the planet or something.

(Selfish? It’s OK to admit it here. The Ticklist is a safe zone for the self-absorbed.)

But it’s not too late to sign up for a week in the desert with the CU Outdoor Program . You have two choices: backpacking in the sun in Utah, or canoeing in the sun in (mostly) Utah. Both have openings.

Can’t choose? WWGBD?

Whatever Brett isn’t doing.


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