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Common Ties is playing a St. Patrick's Day show at Club 156.
Common Ties is playing a St. Patrick’s Day show at Club 156.

If you go

Who: Common Ties with 12Yr-Old-Mind

When: 8:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Club 156, CU Boulder

Cost: $7-$9


It’s not easy to start a Boulder band in these tough times, but Common Ties has cracked the code. This band is rising to the challenge and jump-starting its future.

Thursday, Common Ties rocks CU’s Club 156 with a special St. Patrick’s Day concert. If you can’t get into the bars, this is the place to be.

Drummer Chris Anderson chatted with the Daily about the campus gig and the rise of his band.

Q: How did Common Ties start off as a group?

A: I transferred to CU for the fall semester, and we all met up in classes and through friends.

We just clicked and everything jump-started from there.

We had our first gig in December and we played six shows in the last two months.

Q: What does Common Ties sound like and what sets this band apart?

A: We all come from different musical backgrounds and we cross all genres of music.

Our musical influences are STS9, Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers — and jam bands like Phish and String Cheese. We’re a very eclectic band.

We play a mix of rock, reggae and electronic music. We use a lot of computers and lots of keyboards, but our guitarist has an old school Marshall amp.

It all works pretty well together.

We’re trying to cover all areas of musical interest, and we try to diversify things for our audience. The electronic thing has blown up, but we’re in this for the long haul — not for just what’s popular now.

Q: How hard is it to start a Boulder band these days?

A: It’s tough to make money, but we’ve been getting a lot of support from Facebook and we created a SoundCloud page.

We’re always talking to people at house parties and in class. We’re always mentioning the band.

Things have blown up pretty quickly. We played our first show in the UMC. Everyone liked us and we got a lot of new fans. The Program Council really helped us out.

I have experience managing bands and it’s all about the networking. You have to be savvy and tell everyone what you’re doing.

We’ve also been doing some house parties and free events. We’ve already played the hi-dive, the Dark Horse and Club 156.

Q: What do you have planned for tonight’s St. Patrick’s Day concert at Club 156?

A: We’re going to get a dance vibe going, keep it uptempo and have fun.

We should also have a light show that will be awesome. And we have a couple of special covers in the works.

This will be a great show for St. Patrick’s Day — especially for our fans. Most of them are under 21.

This will be a fun show. We’re going to jam as hard as we always do, bring a lot of energy to stage and give off some positive vibes. This is our home crowd.

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