Snooki wants to fight.

It’s been a wild week, but you can always count on the “Jersey Shore” crew to lighten things up.

Check out news about Snooki’s wrestling career, the “American Idol” Twitter factor, a “Celebrity Apprentice” cat fight and the new “X Factor” judge.

Snooki the Wrestler

The “Jersey Shore” crew loves bar brawls, so who knew that talent could buy you a gig at Wrestlemania XXVII?

Little Snooki (Nicole) Polizzi may be small, but she’s feisty and loves a good fight. Last week, the “Jersey Shore” star hosted “WWE Monday Night Raw” — and finished the night by engaging in body slams with the pros.

Yeah, Polizzi was the fighter left standing. You do not mess with Jersey girls.

The brawl was probably rigged, but Polizzi’s opponents challenged her to fight at Wrestlemania. Now the “Jersey Shore” star will be duking it out April 3 at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.

I wander how much hair spray it takes to ward of a team of very mean wrestling pros?

“Celebrity Apprentice” Brawl

There’s a “Celebrity Apprentice” cat fight brewing.

Last Sunday, ditzy Lisa Rinna was booted off “Celebrity Apprentice” after she got into a board room brawl with control freak Star Jones.

The celebrity feud has gone beyond the reality show and Jones is talking with NBC’s legal department.

Here’s a solution — why don’t Rinna and Jones join Polizzi at Wrestlemania? The celebs could pick up a little pocket change and settle their feud in front of a live audience.

L.A. Reid to Judge “The X Factor”

Former “American Idol” star Simon Cowell just announced the first judge for his new “X Factor”

Last week, Cowell signed on famed record mogul L.A. Reid. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the music pro made superstars out of Usher, Kanye West, Pink and Justin Bieber.

I guess someone had to sign the Biebster.

“The X Factor” airs this fall.

“American Idol” and Twitter

Is Twitter affecting the “American Idol” vote?

There seems to a correlation between the contestants’ number of Twitter followers and their status on the show.

Check it out for yourself. The singers with the most followers are at the top of the heap, while the contestants with fewest followers have been sent packing the last two weeks.

Forget Vegas odd-makers, Twitter could determine this year’s “American Idol” battle.

On the plus side of this theory, CU’s Casey Abrams leads the Twitter pack.

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